Friday, March 5, 2010

Rezzy Roundup 2

As I think back on my New Year's Rezzies, and even where I was at one month ago, I have to say that I'm doing quite glitteringly great. As one would expect of an Uptown Girl, I suppose.

Rez 1- I would like to grow an inch or 2. I think I'm well on my way. Lately I've really been feeling taller. You know when you stand near other people and sometimes feel short or tall based on everyone else's heights?? I've been feeling pretty tall.

Rez 2- I will kiss a handsome man this year. Please read the previous 2 posts to learn that no where in the descriptions of my dates dates did I mention kisses. I'm being picky with this one. I have precious lips.


Rez 4- I will be more dedicated to my running. This is the one I wanted to tell you about most! I signed up for my 10K. It is on April 3rd and I'm so excited about it. Running a 10K was my personal running goal for the whole year, so if I am able to complete the run without collapsing, I'll have to set a new goal. Impressive? *Glitteringly great*? I know.

Rez 5- I resolve to party. More. Working on it. Between celebrating my sister's engagement last weekend and going out with friends from out of town this weekend, I may have to change this rez to party less.

Rez 6- I will stay in touch. Not doing so hot here, however my friends from Georgia are staying with me this weekend and we are going to do lots of catching up. That counts for something right?


Rez 8- I will take suggestions from you... Obvi! Any questions or post ideas? Lay it on me...

How are your rezzies coming along?


Cathy said...

Nice work lady! A 10k so early in the year is so sparkly and glittery.

rita said...

Did I make any resolutions? I don't remember.