Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rezzy Roundup

Here I am Blogosphere. I know I've been MIA since Friday and that you were prob driving yourself crazy wondering what I've been up to. And while (in an attempt to retain some mystery) I can't answer that question... I will satisfy another desire of your heart instead. Lucky you.

I will re-cap my 1 month old New Year's Resolutions! Ready? OK!

Rez 1- I would like to grow an inch or 2. So far this one has been a no-go. But, don't fret, I will totes make it happen by NYE 2011.

Rez 2- I will kiss a handsome man this year. Again, so far a no-go. Sad to say I haven't had this kiss just yet. Hello? You know I would've told you. What kind of UG do you take me for?

Rez 3- I will get my very own NetBook. DONE and DONER. Got my Asus. And my friend's bf City John got Mr. Asus all pimped out for me. Thx City John!

Rez 4- I will be more dedicated to my running. Yup, still working on this one. One step at a time (I cracked myself up with that pun). I'm doing pretty great at the consistency actually but def want to increase my time and distance.

Rez 5- I resolve to party. More. Def going strong! I had a fun January being very socially active with friends (new and old). I'm kind of a big deal.

Rez 6- I will stay in touch. Hrmmm. Ok confession. I'm really not so good at keeping in touch anymore. I used to pride myself on this life skill but now give myself a C-. Yeah, you read that right, there is one area in life where I am less than average. When I lived in the burbs and had a car and stuff like that I would drive all over this great country of ours talking on my cellphone and calling all my peeps. Between cell phone laws, moving to NYC, and no longer driving a vehicle ever, I have decreased my stay-in-touch skillz dramatically. It feels good to get that off my chest.

Rez 7- I will wear my coat during work everyday this winter until someone resolves our office heating problema. DONE, doner, and RESOLVED. It's now kinda hot in here. Or is that just me?

Rez 8- I will take suggestions from you. Still waiting on those suggestions. Did someone misplace the suggestion box? My take on this is that I simply post on everything you want to know about and, therefore, there is nothing better left to suggest. Clearly.

And there you have it: my brutally honest look back on January, 2010 and the start to my amazing resolutions. You heard it here first. No need to watch it on E! News tonight. No need.


Mary said...

I think another should be:
This year I will see Wicked with my girls from Georgia when they come to visit me.
<3 I LIKE IT!!!

Lovey said...

Good job UG!! I think once you complete Rezzies # 1 & 2, I want to know how you did it so I can too!!!!

City John said...

wow, what a way to keep on top of the resolutions..and your welcome for mr. asus. i am glad to be able to provide the technological support for you to continue blogging....when the Academy Awards for Blogs of the year are given out (for this blog oc), I will for sure have my speech ready... City John

Uptown Girl said...

Mary- is that happening?? is that your rez?? tme.

Lovey- no problem. once complete I will offer a step by step tutorial and prob go on Oprah and a book signing tour or something boring like that.

City John- just prepare a very short speech bc they seem to cut everyone off at these award shows lately. at the Grammy's I swear ppl only had like 30 secs to accept or reject the award. rude.

Amanda said...

So glad I found your blog...I need a dose of sophisticated city life in my Google Reader :)

Sounds like a decent start on your resolutions so far...considering you have 11 more months to complete them!

Love the one about the office...ours is always frigid too, until someone complains and then it's hotter than hell. So we can't win, really and truly.

Uptown Girl said...

Amanda- welcome Uptown! I'm glad you noticed how sophisticated I am. I hope that comes across loud and clear ;) My tip to get the thermostat more regulated in the office: blackmail whoever is in charge of the temp. Works wonders in various situations.

Mary said...

;) That's one of my resolutions... and I'm going to snuggle with you in your futon. True story. My sister is supposed to talk to you soon. I don't want to ruin anything, but we've got something in the works! Can't wait!!!