Thursday, February 25, 2010

therapize this

Have I ever told you that my bestie, Lovey, is a therapist? Well she is. It comes in handy all the time. Not only is she a phenomenal bff, but she is also so useful. More useful to me than if she were a mechanic or an electrician or even a plumber. Although I think we can all agree that it would be quite useful to have friends who work in those fields.

Whenever I have a problem or a yucky feeling I know Lovey will help me work out the deeper issue. This is basically why I keep her around.

Today I have one such example to show and tell you about. Don't worry.
We were g-chatting while working very hard at our respective jobs today and... well I'll just let you read the chat for yourself.

[WARNING: The convo posted here is privileged information and should be considered confidential. Also, I fixed the spelling and order because sometimes we skip some letters and finish our thoughts out of order.]

me: bleh i have no motivation today for work or even to get up from my desk. what do u think that is about? pls therapize me
Lovey: the weather sucks, you're not happy at your job, and you need a new challenge professionally. BOOM
me: woah
you should get paid more
just saying
you could prob do "drive-thru" therapy like Dr Phil if you wanted
Lovey: LOL i would NEVER do what he does. he is a sell out and exploiter!
me: totes! but still, you'd be rich and so would i bc what's yours is mine
Lovey: HA HA HA! yes, that is true.
me: ok perfect
let's get into that line of business
oh to earn my keep, maybe i could go on air with you as your side kick
me: i'll make comments about the patients- you know to make the audience laugh at them a little
Lovey: Uptown Girl!
Lovey: i would not be happy tho, and at some point would not give it my all then.
kind of like when the steam goes out.
so it would probably not be successful for very long.
me: that's ok, as long as we make a cool million first, then we can take a nice long vacay

So there you have it bloggy friends. In our therapy convo, Lovey helped me realize what was bringing me down and that I need a vacay. And I helped her realize that she should have her own show on the telly. That's the British word for tv.
Don't you wish your bestie could therapize you?
For the record here, I therapize Lovey too. My sessions cost more though, as one would expect.


Lovey said...

And just for the record, I LOVE Uptown Girl's therapizing!!!!

Mary said...

Ummm... I can therapize you in a whole different way ;) hahaha... Just saying.

City John said...

This has been what I city John like to call "the week of motivational insights". I kind of went through that work blah bleh motivation factor. And I realized that while my job is technical I am and have always been creative and artistic. So making the choice to somehow pursue something in the creative field helped a bit. I agree w/ lovey, when we don't find our jobs challenging it can affect our sense of motivation. Anyhow if u do create a show aka dr phil or even Ellen I'd like to b considered for the part of witty yet cool musical band director... :)

rita said...

I would totally watch you guys. I need a lot of therapizing.

Although I'll take an electrician; I have a pool pump that needs to be therapized.