Sunday, February 7, 2010

who dat?

How did Sunday night arrive so fast? This weekend just flew by. I'm here to share a few things I learned and will take with me into the week:

1- There are different kinds of almonds for sale and I'm not a huge fan of the Emerald dry roasted kind.

2- The phrase "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gunna beat them Saints?" works in any situation from chanting at the Super Bowl to waiting for the elevator that's taking forever. Try it, I guarantee your enjoyment.

3- Margaritas with too much sugary mix can make you sick to your tummy. Don't ask for details on this one, just take it as a serious warning. For example, if you order a strawberry margarita on the rocks and it turns out to be reeeeally red, like cherry red, do not drink it if the lining of your stomach is important to you.

4- "Undercover Boss" is a super duper sacot new show that made me cry. As if I needed another tear-jerker to get me going.

5- "Time has been good to you". Yeah, a guy said this to me today when I admitted told him my age. He said it with a British accent so I guess that helps soften the blow of the backhanded compliment.

Well, time to go apply some anti-aging eye cream. Who dat?


Amanda said...

You're 29 and he said time has been good to you? Sheesh, I didn't think 29 was old enough for time to even consider us! (I'm 29, too).

Undercover Boss totally made me cry, especially the guy who was on dialysis and still worked every day, I mean really? And I complain because I have a little headache or something.

Uptown Girl said...

I know! I turned bright red and got so embarassed that this guy thought I was ancient. Turns out he's 27, so he needs a math class. 27+2=29. He's not so far off! I told the Brit that he looked 23 and he was pretty insulted, so I guess I zinged him back.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Maria! Great zinger!!

Don't worry, time is busy being good to me - your time is not even close!

M-Cat said...

I don't get the whole "who dat" stuff.

Really? REALLY?

I really should learn to at least be kind to NO

JMay said...

haha I agree with you! I was saying Who dat? all weekend, hahaa.