Friday, February 26, 2010

they say you learn something new everyday

Today I learned that God might not know about the existence of tuna-melts.

It is a Friday in Lent. A meatless day in my religion.
This vegetarian adventure is supposed to be a sacrifice.

Right, I get all that... but if that is the case, then someone has sneakily kept the not-so-new invention of tuna-melt deliciocity out of God's line of sight. Or, I guess in reality God knows all (that whole omniscience gig), so He prob just let this one yummy treat slide out of love for us little people.

But for sure the pope doesn't know. That guy really missed out at lunchtime today. My tuna-melt was A-mazing. I can still taste in in my mind.

Thanks God.
Love, Uptown Girl


M-Cat said...

I forot all about fish on Friday's. That was the usual with my dad.

kado! said...

so you gave up meat for lent? You will LOVE it! ...but that is coming from me...who is scared of meat! ;)

I was in the city on Saturday it was a beautiful least the parts that I remember! haha...Too much fun was had by all!

rita said...

I never did the lent thing. I don't know, maybe Methodists or Baptists don't do that or I was just raised a heathen. Could be either.

Uptown Girl said...

M-Cat, you're not missing much... Friday seems to be the only day I crave meat!

Kado- ooooh no, not for all of lent, we just have to abstain from meat on fridays. I don't think I could do it for a whole 40 days! NYC was awesome Saturday, my sister got engaged and we were out celebrating!

Rita- you're a heathen. that's gotta be it. that is why i love you.