Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ok so - as if you didn't already know this - a Facebook status and pic game has been spreading like wildfire:
"It's celebrity look alike week. Make your profile pic a celebrity you have been told you look like............Copy and paste in your status message."

Tech, I didn't paste the message in my status. I can't be bothered to update FB statii and blogstalk you all in one day. I did change my pic though because A: it's fun and B: it's easy.

This is the pic I posted. Ginnifer Goodwin is my latest look alike. The more I see her face as my profile picture the more I feel like I'm looking in the mirror.I've tried to get my friends to post pics of their lucky celeb look alikes too ... ahem, you know who you are, Lovey, ahem... but not everybody is biting. Such is life.

It makes me wonder, do we all have look alikes running around out there? How many? Is there a celeb that people say looks like you? Or a random really really good-looking person?

I've gotten Ginnifer Goodwin, Reese Witherspoon, Belinda Carlisle, and Jennifer Hudson. I mean Jennifer Garner, not Hudson, oops. Now that would be quite the Doppelganger wouldn't it?

In honor of Celebrity Look Alike Week on FB, I took the game face-to-face and told someone I met at work that he looks just like Ralph Macchio. Apparently he gets that all the time. With hair as voluminous as Ralph Macchio I couldn't help but wonder... "I wonder if I can get away with running my fingers thru this dude's hair right now (in the office) even though we just met?". Yes, I think with parentheses, thank you for noticing my punctuation.

And for the record, I mustered all my strength and refrained from pretending this man was Ralph Macchio and touching his beautiful locks. I'm uber proud. Yet, sort of regretful. Just saying.


Cathy said...

From what I can tell you def look like her, which is a good thing, cuz she's totally cute.

I always get Winona Ryder, and I'll take it. She's adorable as well. I don't steal things though.

kado! said...

love me some Ginnifer Goodwin...but then again I LOVE Big that could be a Huge reason!!! =)

Amber W. said...

You definitely look like her, from what I can tell. No one has ever told me I look like anyone else, famous or not. I guess I'm just my own brand of odd-looking. Oh, and by the way, pigeon-watching is highly over-rated. I definitely can't appreciate those annoying birds.

DeNae said...

I got 85% Gerrard Depardieu and 15% Cousin It. So now I hate Facebook.

Uptown Girl said...

Cathy- feel free to compliment me anytime. I'll be here all week. I can totes see the Winona Ryder, that's a good one!

Kado- welcome uptown!! Ginnifer is def the cutest wife on that show. and i love her in "He's Just Not That Into You".

Amber and DeNae- why don't you each pick a supermodel? I'm happy to assign: Heidi Klum (ok so she's blond, deal with it) and Cindy Crawford. Done.

Ann-tidote said...

i first chose Natalie Portman as my doppelganger. She is my same size and everything. BUT then everyone told me that I in fact look most like Marion Cotillard. I wanted to run and scream and jump because she's gooooooooorgeous and french and fabulous.

Ann-tidote said...

and OMG! you linked my etsy to your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JMay said...

I def. think Ginnifer Goodwin! She's so pretty and fabulous-just like you lady!

Have you seen her in Big Love? She's pretty hilarious too!

Bethany said...

I would have totally touched his hair and then when he turned around looked at the person standing next to me like, "Why did you just touch that man." so I didn't get caught.

I didn't do the celebrity look alike thing. I'm too lazy. The only celebrity that I've ever been compared to is Sandra Bullock. Sadly I think she's aging much better than I am.

Uptown Girl said...

Ann- obvi I linked your etsy store. your headbands are gorgeous- like you and your look alikes!

JennyMay- I've seen it a couple times and she was always my fave. who is your body double? I'm checking u on FB.

Bethany- welcome Uptown! Sandra Bullock is a great one. I <3 her look (cute AND normal). and I'm totally trying that hair touch technique next time I see this guy. It's for the blog, so rly I have no choice.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

oh my gosh that IS your look-alike! She is gorgeous and talented so thats all good. I have gotten sooo many weird and random look-alike comments over the years that I couldn't decide and let it be...oh well.

Amanda said...

I couldn't think of one at all. I just asked my hubby and he said NOBODY, so I guess I'm out of luck.

You do look like Ginnifer Goodwin! I totally see it.

There is a kid on my hubby's basketball team and I think he looks like Harry Potter. In fact, I call him "that harry potter looking kid" and then Hubby suggested Daniel Ratcliffe's pic as his celeb look alike. Not sure how he took it..ha!

Uptown Girl said...

Anna- do share, what weird comments have you gotten??

Amanda- go with Heidi Klum! She is blonde and beautiful, so you're all set :) I swear if I were blonde I would start a rumor that she's my doppelganger. And ummm, that HP look-alike cracks me up. The kid prob went home and cried!

M-Cat said...

I totally tried to do the doppelganger thingie and instead got a virus on the 'puter.

Maybe that's a whole blot post in itself

JMay said...

I didn't pick one, I don't think I look like any celebs!?