Wednesday, February 17, 2010

post this

Do you ever feel like there are lots of things you want to accomplish - and you really do want to accomplish these things - but you just forget, don't have the time, or don't take the time?

You do? Well then, welcome to my life.

My to-do list seems to have grown from 1 mile long to 6 miles. It imploded really.

Last night I got home, sat on the couch, and watched tv. I then got up, reheated food from the night before, sat back down on the couch, and watched tv. I then grabbed my laptop, sat back down on the couch, sent an email or two, and watched tv.

What is wrong with this picture? No, the screen was not fuzzy.

This morning I woke up and remembered the way I had pictured last night going.... (yes, in my head I have a picture of how my plans will turn out). It looked more like this: go home, go for a run, eat dinner, work on my taxes online, post on my blogizzle, and then watch a little tv.

On the way home however, I noticed that the sidewalks were super icy and decided not to run and risk certain death. And when I initially got home and sat on the couch I forgot the entire rest of the plan!

ARGH. Argh-city. Come on brain, can't you do a little better than that?

I guess this is why I put sticky post-its on my phone. To remind me of what my brain forgets so quickly. Some people tease me about my post-its, but they're just jealous. Right?


DeNae said...

It's the winter thing. I'm pretty sure we're all supposed to be hibernating right now, not doing our friggin' taxes! (Come to Vegas. It's 70 degrees all week, and no ice anywhere except in your drink! THEN you'll feel motivated to get those darn taxed filed!!)

Alexis Blake said...

I feel EXACTLY the same way, so many plans and seemingly no time! Yet, there IS time that I am just not using properly. Ugh! I would never normally admit this outloud, but for my favorite Uptown Girl... I put post-its on my phone too!! Who knew there were others... hahaha <3 youuu

M-Cat said...

If I didn't have a post it note telling me to get out of bed in the morning, I prolly wouldn't. Love me a post it note

Alice said...

I use post-it notes all the time. I forget to do things more often than I remember and it drives me crazy. I will be hitting up Office Depot tomorrow to get more...prettier post its. :D

rita said...

I write on the back of my hand. It's ugly, but it keeps my attention. Plus it's fun to watch people try to figure out what "pat key limes" means.

Seriously Why Can't I? said...

I am feeling your pain lists have lists. I think maybe I'll give up laundry for lent. Will keep reading!!

Ann-tidote said...

um i love post its as well. i'm disgruntled at work right now because i only have PLANE JANE PALE YELLOW. that's all my office stocks. and i think-is it worth $5 (ok it will end up being $15 because i'll go crazy) buying my own CUTE post its or should i just go with the free flow at work!?

and i put a post it on my phone when i'm walking out so that between work and home i dont forget what i wanted to do.

Uptown Girl said...

DeNae- That sounds divine.

Alexis- but you're so modern! Thank you for admitting your post-it use. I appreciate your candor.

M-Cat- I should write a post-it to tell me to go to bed earlier at night... and to get up early in the morning. good one.

Alice- that sounds like a fun shopping spree!

Rita- Pat Key Limes?? pls tell us more.

Seriously- I've given up laundry forever... it's just not a glamourous activity so I shouldn't ahve to do it.

Ann- spend the $$ get the awesome post-its! I have some that Liza gave me with a picture of a big-busted lady saying "they're real and they're fabulous"! those are my fave ;)