Thursday, February 4, 2010

run run stop jump run

In honor of Run Til I'm Fun (and maybe a little bit due to the fact that my gym membership ran out and I'm waiting to renew), I ran outdoors last night. Out.of.Doors.

Yeah, I took my high-class arse to the streets rather than my rooftop treadmill. I mingled with the little people in the city. Serio, from the roof they look like ants. And really they're not so tiny afterall. They take up lots of room and I used up a lot of energy and burned countless calories dodging random people loitering or walking way slow on the sidewalk. Several near-misses.

I tested the RTIF theory (click the link to read about it and see a way crafty bar-graph) wherein the more layers worn while running supposedly corresponds with the number of comments from men. I wore my running pants, long sleeved tee, zip up hoodie, gloves, and this thing that went all the way around my head to cover my delicate ears and keep me from freezing. And my sneakers (obvi!).

Now, this ear coverer thingie was a bit mangled I must tell you. I bought it from some dude on the street for $5 purchased it from a notable designer whose name I really shouldn't disclose. It is made of fleece; black on the outside and pink on the inside. Like me (my hair is almost black and my eyebrows are jet black, so it works ok?). Anywho, turns out this item I bought doesn't fit. I guess that is what happens when things aren't custom made but purchased from just any designer. Last time I shop street table knock-offs at the Michael Kors Flagship. The ear thingie is huge and not adjustable. But, I really wanted to go for that run so I added a nifty safety pin to the velcro area and made it fit my head.

I decided that my ridiculous look would both: test the RTIF theory further and also take my usual sophistication down a notch so I'd fit in better on the sidewalk (can anyone tell me if that's what the commoners are calling it these days? side-walk?).

The results:

I had one possible comment. The fellow said: "woah woah woah get back here". He may have been on his cell phone or he may have been cat-calling me as I ran past. It was unclear. All a blur.

My outdoor run was a success. It was def exciting to say the least. Sort of like a track and field event. Jumping up onto and down off from curbs was like jumping over hurdles. Throwing my plastic water bottle at a rude man's head was like shot-put. Ok I didn't do this last thing. But that's just because it is too difficult to run with a water bottle. Duh. Oh, and all the hills on the UES were like running cross-country.

I even left the UES during my run. Well... that is a lie. I ran north into what I consider Harlem but is actually just more of the Upper Eastside. My sister says I'm not allowed to run there anymore. It is now outside the acceptable outdoor running radius for this high-class arse.

This post is dedicated to the girls who inspire me all the time over at RTIF.


Sarsh722 said...

YAY YAY YAY for running outside! Don't you feel like such a badass for running outside when everyone else is in coats and boots? Or maybe that's just me. And trust me, run outside more often and your comments will multiply exponentially.

Amanda said...

I'm not brave enough to run outside yet, even though I live in Florida and it's warm enough to do so. I am afraid I'll fail miserably and get all depressed and never run again. So good for you and your outdoors trek!

Uptown Girl said...

Sarsh- I ran again on Friday, too but the rest of the wknd was too cold for me... trying again tonight.

Amanda- try it! even if you go walking outside and throw in a minute of running here or there it will give you an idea. I wish I was in Florida... that sounds divine right now as my face and hands are chapping.

M-Cat said...

Good for you - running outside.

We need to get rid of the crappy air and warm up a few degrees before I can force myself to do it.

until then, me and the dreadmill have a date every morning....

Ange said...

Omg Yay! I totally agree with Sarah, you feel so much more legit running outside when everyone else is inside all warm and cozy. And that man was def. yelling for you! Haha although I interpret everything as a compliment...whatever keeps you going!

Uptown Girl said...

It has been so icy here this week that I haven't run since Sunday... but maybe I can get otu there again tonight and rack up some more compliments ;)