Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FB freeze

Facebook changed their format... again. What the what is going on?!?
This may interrupt my scheduled afternoon FB stalk. It's a good thing I deal with change moderately well or this could really be a problem.
I apologize ahead of time for not commenting on that adorable pic of your baby wearing a new bib or something equally cute. And I'm sorry I won't know about your new boyfriend or that you got married... I will prob miss that status update (Ok, and if that is the way I learn of your status I don't know you well enough to care anyway).
No time to figure out the new lamespice system today. Workie workie.


M-Cat said...

I know right?!?! I have been dinking around with it all day and can't figure the stupid new FB yet.

Stupid, stupid FB

Amanda said...

You should quit what you're doing right now and join a million groups about how you'll be boycotting FB because of this change!! and also the one that says "If I get 140 billion people to join this, FB will change back to normal!" Hurry, go! I'll wait here. :)

I noticed too but I think what it is, they just put the notifications and mail at the top. I will die without my FB and you can take that fact to the bank.

Alice said...

hhhmmm...since my computer sucks monkey balls...I usually facebook stalk with my phone so I have yet to suffer through another "update". :D however, nothing can stop a true stalker like me!! off I go!

Omgirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I have yet to get on the new facebook. I'm just not that into it. Like you said, if this is how I'm finding out you moved or had a baby, how close are we anyway? I"m sure someone will send me something sometime so I'll have to log on. Hopefully I can still figure it out!

Uptown Girl said...

M-Cat- did you figure it out?

Amanda- when I log on to FB again I'll def start like 5 more groups about boycotting FB. that will totally work.

Alice- no need to brag about your internet capable phone. i'm not jealous. really, i'm not.

Omgirl- welcome uptown! I'm def not close with most of my "friends" on FB... but it sure is fun to look at their pics and pseudo stalk them sometimes. That is the real meaning of Facebook. I highly recommend you try it!

JMay said...

"I apologize ahead of time for not commenting on that adorable pic of your baby wearing a new bib or something"

You crack me up!!!

Uptown Girl said...

JennyMay- I'm glad you get my humor, I never rly know who gets it and who doesn't!