Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yes, I am at work and this is the view out my window. There are somewhere between 6 and 200 inches of snow falling out there. Blustery blizzards.

I will get back to trying to FB stalk you blog hopping work now as you contemplate whether I am a very dedicated employee or I just don't want to use vacation time slash rack up more "incidents".

ps- Sorry about that poor picture quality. The papa-razi are taking a snowday so I had to use my crap camera phone to take that image. Lo siento.
pps- Just heard some jerk in the hallway saying "yeah, the snow is supposed to really pick up around 4". It is now 3:40pm. Great.


DeNae said...

Between 6 and 200 inches, huh? Wow, that's a lot / not a lot of snow!

We're suffering here in Vegas, too. It's partly cloudy and only maybe 50 degrees. But we're trying to be stoic about it all. You east coasters could learn a little about coping with adversity from us...

M-Cat said...

I thought about you and wondered if you were going ot work.

The news is making it seem highly scary and dangerous, but now I am hearing from people actually there, that it's not quite so bad.

Either way - be safe!


Amanda said...

SICK! Boooohiss to snow!

How is it now?

Uptown Girl said...

DeNae- you poor thing! 50 degrees and clouds?? How do you do it!?

M-Cat and Amanda- thanks for your sympathy, I rly need it. I'm happy to report that today (and even last night on my way home) it isn't so bad out and the sidewalks are mostly clear.

rita said...

We missed 8 days from school because of snow and ice; we rarely miss more than one or two. Eight since the end of January. We'll have to make them up, but since I'm not a 12-month employ, I didn't have to use comp or personal leave to stay home those 8 glorious days, 6 of them in a freaking row.

Thank God the two Snomaggeddons that hit the East coast in the last couple of weeks missed us by a few miles. They have twice as much as we did.

kado! said...

I'm wondering when my bikini-self will ever see the sand on the beach down the street...not anytime soon!!!!

hope you are staying warm!

Uptown Girl said...

Rita- you are 1 lucky lady. I mean, if the weather has to be awful I think getting the day off would make up for it!

Kado!- you are really making me jealous about being so close to the beach... even if it is all ice and snow right now.