Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holly Hobby

What are my hobbies and interests?
Some guy I have never met asked me this question. This is online dating in all it's glory.

"What are your other hobbies and interests?" was the actual Q.

Oh, because you are recycling the same question and think that is ok because I must knit or something and forgot to mention it in a previous email?

As in: other than running (the original hobby/interest I told him about)? As in: other than hanging out with my friends and family, going for drinks, or dinner, or coffee, or dancing (which I also mentioned). Other than tv and reading which are listed on my profile (and yes I consider those interests)? Other than belonging to a book club (also listed on the profile)?


Do I dare tell him my true hobbies?

1- I am a self-declared-Pulitzer-Prize-Winning-Author of a blog. A sparkly, chic, fabulous blog.
2- I follow and read many blogs. I leave comments.
3- I do some Facebook stalking from time to time.
4- I DVR, follow, and critique some great tv shows.
5- I enjoy sightseeing. I view as many hunky men per day as I can whilst en route to and from work or to and from lunch.
6- I eat meals and snacks.
7- I make some tasty popcorn.
8- I enjoy being the most glam uptown girl you can imagine.
9- I email with total strangers on the internet just because they look cute and live within 30 miles... although maybe those pics are 5 years and 45 pounds and a full head of hair ago old... when you were taller.... although the men I'm emailing with could turn into stalkers or serial killers... so I could classify this hobby/interest as "taking risks". Maybe?
10- I make a killer list of hobbies and interests.

Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe this will be my rough draft for that email. Success.


The Artisann/Ann-tidote said...

i love it. you are owning your hobbies... this is the reason i hesitate to online date.

DeNae said...

Of course, what else is the guy going to ask? "If you were a tree, where would the squirrels hide their nuts?" See? Safer to ask what your other hobbies - besides internet dating! - might be!

M-Cat said...

Laughing at DeNae.

Srsly - other hobbies - you should some off the wall list to give those dudes when they ask:

Counting cracks in cement
Pretending you speak no English
Walking barefoot in the grocery store to see if you get kicked out.

You know, stupid stuff like that

Uptown Girl said...

Ann- this is the reason? I could give you a whole list of reasons! But having 3 dates in the next few days is a definite perk (1 is with a guy I met in real life and 2 from the internet).

DeNae- I was wondering, if you were a tree, where would the squirrels hide their nuts?

M-Cat- are you saying that you don't walk thru the grocery store barefoot? I'm not sure what to make of this. ;-)

Liza said...

HAHAHA - I love this list. U r Hilario Uptown Girl. Ur my little Blogging Hero!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

ahhh I am dying here. I always get a good laugh from you...because your honesty is stated so charmingly...is that a word?
anyways, rock on with the online dating...we can all live through you as you tread into waters that only the courageous swim.