Monday, March 29, 2010

secret cake club... shhhh!

Have you heard of the prohibition and how it led to people making their own alcohol and drinking secretly? Secret knocks? Secret clubs where only the elite are invited in? Oh you have?

Here in NYC we have a few secret clubs of our own. My sister visited a bar on Saturday that served booze in teacups and had a secret entrance.

Even better, I am now a member of a secret society of my own. In this world where gluttony and sugar are taboo, one has to binge out on cake in the most private setting possible you know. I don't want to be caught with icing on my face by any puritanical nutritionists, diabetics, or corn-syrup haters. That would be too awkward.

Luckily, there weren't any raids last night at the oh-so-secret cake club (so secret I cannot reveal the name).

It's a wonder I even made it there. This was the process to join:
1- Go to secret website and submit a request for approval.
2- An email was sent out with specific directions re: what day and what time to RSVP online to be considered for the monthly cake club. You must RSVP at this specific time.
4- An invitation is sent in the mail with a phone number to text.
5- The text results in a return text with the address of the club.
6- At the club, a gentleman waits at the door checking names and approving admission (and taking $20 per head).

I can only compare this to the college application process. But the benefits were much greater than a college acceptance.

My friend and I attended the 7pm shift. Roughly ten cake lovers arrive every hour starting at 6pm and ending at midnight to devour the goods served with gold spoons in a small but lovely apartment.

My camera phone does NOT do justice to the deliciocity before you. The theme for last night's club was a variation on typical American desserts. The cake maker stood in her kitchen serving sample sizes of all kinds of tempting desserts. Twinkies made with a banana flavor. Apple Bread Crisp. Strawberry Shortcake. Homemade Donuts. Chocolate Wafer Cake with Whipped Cream. Coca-Cola Flavored Ice Cream. Budweiser Flavored Ice Cream.

I don't know what made me capitalize all the foods just now except for my undying respect for their memory. And I should tell you... that is just a sampling. There were even more options available for my binge enjoyment than I can recall.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the highlight of my weekend - the glitz and the glamor of the gorge. And to say: eat your heart out Blogland!


Gina said...

Coca-Cola flavored ice cream? I want some!

Mary said...


Sherry said...

The banana cake with bacon!! Amazing!

Amanda said...

this is the most amazing thing that I've ever seen in my life.

Uptown Girl said...

Gina- the Budweiser ice cream was surprisingly the yummier of the 2!

Mary- One word. Next time you visit we will go. Was that more than one word? oops...

Sherry- there was bacon??? I'm stopping over at your blog to see your recap!

Amanda- it truly was amazing. THE most amazing thing. ever.