Wednesday, June 24, 2009

can't get enough boom boom boom

obsessed with this song. if you haven't heard it... don't tell me or anyone else. be very ashamed and clickety click this here link. imediamente. boom boom pow.mp3 - black eyed peas
[aside: is it weird that I sometimes want to be Fergie? Mostly bc I covet her man. And her abs.]

Oh, hi there Josh. Welcome uptown. You are always welcome. Always.

I also happen to be obsessed with this little known and under-appreciated fact:
Sam Champion is forever in my debt. For-EV-er.
Today is sunny (read: not pouring down rain). So was yesterday. So was Monday. You're welcome. i got your back Sammy Sam Sam. Sam Sam.

Yes, as you probably guessed, I bought rain boots. Bc of the "jinx", I haven't had to wear them. Obvi. I apologize for not buying rain boots during any of the recent monsoons this summer. That would've ended them fo shizzle my nizzle lemon drizzle. Fo sho.

These are the actual boots (or some that I found online that remind me of them- whatevs, close enough). You like?


Mary said...

I love that song too!!! Also nice boots... Helena just bought some too, but she doesn't ever post on here I will report for her on this subject :)

Also, I saw Transformers 2 today and lets just say that I rather enjoyed seeing Josh in it... Yowza!

Uptown Girl said...

oh Josh... i heart him so much. I may have to see Transformers just for that reason alone. THat was my reason for seeing the last 3 movies actually... Hangover= BRadley Cooper, Terminator= Sam Worthington, Proposal= Ryan Reynolds.

Can't wait to see you in 1 month Mary!!