Friday, June 5, 2009

I am an optimist

Tonight is my youngest sister's 8th grade graduation. Sacot. I graduated 8th grade from the same school just weeks after she was born.
In light of that fact, I will be heading out to NJ to watch Bina graduate in what promises to be a very boring ceremony at my former grade school. Yes, you heard me right. I hate have a strong dislike for sitting through graduations. I like watching the whole diploma bit, and I like seeing all the caps and gowns, but the rest is a snooze. Literally. I usually fall asleep during parts of these things. Am I embarrassed? Not at all. The one who should be embarrassed is the person who planned on dragging the thing out so damn long.

As the eternal optimist that I am, I am posting this next pic ahead of time.
I can do it. I can totally do this. No biggie. (I'm giving myself a pep-talk, don't hate). Ain't no thang. I've sat through Pre-K, Kindergarten, 8th grade, High School, and College graduations so many times for my so many siblings and myself that I could puke. Also sacraments and plays and sports events. By the time I have my own kids I might just opt out. "I have a headache Little Uptown Princess, I'm sending the nanny to watch you hear a long lecture to commemorate this milestone in your life. See you at the after-party. Cheers."

What I can def do is the grad party. This weekend my big brother will be in town with his wife and kids, so it will be a mini-family-reunion of sorts where we will party like rock-stars and create lasting bremories amid the boring ceremony and whatever stressful drama we can drum up. Done and doner. And donest.

Congrats Bina! You made it to summer vacay and got good grades and have awesome older sisters and brothers!

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rita said...

I despise graduations. Unfortunately, for me, I work in a high school and we're required to attend graduation as a group. Wearing stupid gowns and hoods. I'm a freaking copyroom secretary. Turns out that I have a whole lot of "cousins", "nieces", and "nephews" whose "graduations" I need to "attend" that are the very same day as our graduation every year. What can I say. "Family" trumps all.