Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh. It feels good to be FREE.

I have some important news for you. You know how most single gals want to be in a relationship? Well, I have a solution better than any other. Even better than a relationship.

What?? What you ask? Ok, since you asked so nicely... I'll tell you.

No, not yet. First let's discuss the following scenario. All your girlfriends are in relationships. They are in love. They are paired off and it is PDA central. They get flowers and chocolates. They go on dates. You feel all "poor me, poor me... woe is me". It is called jealousy. You want what they have (on the good days).

What you don't know is that, not only do they have the flowers and the kisses, but they also have long discussions, arguements, miscommunications, etc etc we are not here to discuss that. Moving on.

Oh rewind, did you forget about that part of your last relationship? Yeah, it wasn't pretty. I remember because you dished every last detail about 25 times. It was juicy in a "I don't think I like juice anymore" kind of way. I've been there myself. Not here to talk about that. La la la di da.

Now I will tell you about my discovery. I learned to appreciate my girlfriends' boyfriends. You may need to reread that sentence to get my meaning. I know I did.

I realized that I get a lot of the perks of a relationship without the heartache and work of techinically being in one! For example: Last week my roommate's BF bought a blender for our apt and put our new lamp together for us. Sweet smoothie-city! On Saturday I was sad about something and my sister's BF bought me flowers, my favorite chocolatey Starbuck's drink, and sunglasses. Sweet serio-city! Yeah, I felt way better after that.

Some math for you: flowers + chocolate + brotherly love=all smiles for miles.

Yes, I am blessed. I am a lucky duckie.

I know what you are thinking. I don't get the makey-outey perks. First of all- eww, I don't want to do that with my girlfriends' boyfriends. What kind of girl do you think I am?! Rude. Secondly, I didn't say it is the SAME thing as being in a relationship. I just said I appreciate it. And in ways it is better. Lots of perks and zero jerks (read: I don't exactly have the knack for picking winners, but my friends do!).

Ta-tah for now!

Uptown Girl


Lovey said...

I LOVE it!!!!! Girl friends are the BEST friends. But their boyfriends are convenient to have around too. ;-)

Liza said...

HAHAHA GREAT POST MIA! Way to appreciate the men in your life :D Ley & I had so much fun hanging out with you this weekend!

rita said...

I met you over at June's and Urban Mom's blogs; love your comments!

You've got a hell of a long way to go before you can consider yourself a cougar. Geez, you're young enough that no one would batt an eye if you and Robward........

Urban Mom said...

Of course, you would have to dish all of the details to us old bats later!

I like this post. My sister (Pink Power Ranger) calls her neighbor's husband her Rent-A-Husband. He comes over to fix stuff, but she doesn't have to do his laundry!

Oh, and to strike a word:

go by my blog.