Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Its that time once again... time to pass or fail my quiz... ok no real grading scale... just do it to it.

Since this is my own personal blogizzle I will start by quizzing you about me :) and your thoughts on my summer look. So, more of a survey.

Question 1: Should I dye my hair? Background: I've never dyed. Never ever. Except once in 7th grade I sprayed a little Sun-In. It didn't work. The reason I'm considering this major life-changing step is because of the tiny little sicknast greys. Grey hairs. I said it. I said it out loud and proud. Not proud. Sad. I blame my eX. I only had about 3 pesky greys until that drama started. By the time we were thru I ended up with a whole section near the front of my hair. I have 10-12. Eek. So, Petra said that I should think about doing some color in that one section of my hair. She would hide the color so that it would grow out well? I have no idea. Hair color=Greek to me. In a "I don't speak Greek and never did the sorority thing" way... not the "I want to go to Greece to meet a hot swoony man who speaks little to no English" way. Back to the quiz.

a- Yes! Uptown Girl, dye your hair- dye all of it _______ (pick a shade/color)

b- Yes! Just dye the grey area- dye it ________ (shade/color)

c- Yes! Just dye the grey area- dye it to match your current brunette locks.

d- NO! no way jose. don't touch your hair. be au natural.

e- hrmmmmm hemmm hawwww. not sure. go for a consultation and bring back more info.

Question 2: Gladiator Sandals? What do you think?

a- LOVE THEM... feeling like I might run into Russell Crowe if I sport Gladiators...

b- Like them. They are ok on others, but I just could never pull off that style.

c- Gladiator what now?

d- Not a fan of anything requiring multiple strappies wrapping all about my legs.

e- NEVER ever ick eww. Sick. Sandals should not make me look like I am in the circus maximus.

Question 3: Aviator Sunglasses

a- LOVE THEM... feeling like I might meet Leo DiCaprio flying the blue skies...

b- Like them. I might try them and see what response I get from my fans.

c- Ok for you, not a good style for the shape of my face.

d- Not a fan. This is not 1975. I am not a cop.

e- NEVER ever. I don't want to wear them and I don't want to see you wearing them. ever.

switching it up. get ready. set. go.

Question 4: Would you rather spend a sunny day:

a- at the beach

b- poolside

c- inside

d- at the movies


Question 5: Would you rather spend a rainy summer day:

a- at the movies

b- inside being lazy

c- inside being productive

d- inside being makey outey

e- shopping


Liza said...

keep your hair the same color or dye same color,,or little darker!

HATE gladiator sandals
LOVE aviators - on ME.. wish everyone wasn't wearing them - Rood

want to be poolside

and would always prefer makey outy time

ps There are gadgets to make little quizes ..I think the memorization required to answer your surveys deters responses :(

june cleaver said...

Dye your hair-it is just hair...

Gladiator sandals... only if you have skinny ankles. They look horrible on a set of cankles.

aviator sunglasses... I love my pair-think I am all hot and powerful when I wear them. A friend of mine said I looked like a cop and she wanted to show me her id every time I wore them. I don't wear them anymore.

sunny day-beach

rainy day-inside being makey outey... or reading a book, which is not as fun as being makey outey but more plausible.