Thursday, June 18, 2009

rain rain go away... come again never.

Oh Sam, I am soooooo sick of this cold, rainy, frizzy month of June. Where oh where is my summer weather? Isn't global warming supposed to take care of this for me? Why have I been spraying all that aerosol hairspray if not to make nyc like a tropical island?
Would someone please get Al Gore on the line for me? He has some explaining to do. Both about this inconvenient weather and about the beard I saw him sporting. Has he shaved it yet? Need to know. I can't decide whether I like it or not. I feel mostly 'or not' about it. Tell me your deep thoughts on this one.

Get the image of Al out of your head. Shake it out. Sorry about that. So sorry. Uncalled for. I know.
You know what a day like today is good for....... use your imagination. Now, get your mind out of the gutter and I will tell you what I am referring to. [yes all you grammar-nazis, i know i end lots o' sentences with props. me like it that way.]

Anticipating this crappy-arse weather, Uptown Biotch and I coordinated a work Happy Hour tonight. We planned it a few weeks ago. How smart was that?

I mean, on a dreary icky day, what else do you want to do after work? Options: have a nap or have a beer.

We chose beer. Wisely. Psychically. Obvi.

We also chose to have our beer for free. That's right. Aww to the yeah. Our beer is being sponsored (officially or unofficially I don't know/care) by one of our pharmaceutical reps. We got a group of our residents to come drink for free with us. I know what you are thinking- it is true genius. Thank you for noticing. I completely agree. Completely.

Now this last pic is for June. Both the month and the long-lost-bestest-blogger. [don't get so offended all you other bloggers. you know it is true. her blog is better than yours. go take some notes.]

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Lovey said...

OMG- I love it! Sam actually looks heterosexually good there!!!!! What a waste....