Monday, November 2, 2009

Method actors are quite possibly stalking this UG... because I'm fabulous

Those Gossip Girls are following me around. Is it my magnetic personality? Is it my smile? My charm? My sophisticated wardrobe?

I saw the actor who plays Rufus Humphrey out at a bar on Saturday night. And this morning I saw his faux-wife, the actress who plays Lily Bass. We passed each other on my walk to work. I must say that both actors look much younger and better in reality.

Because these television actors are on a show about Upper Eastside snobbery and condescension, one can only assume that the actors of Gossip Girl are performing research. Finding a true Uptown Girl (moi) and then stalking her to understand who she is, what she does on the daily, whether she'll notice you. While I am (of course) flattered, I must implore the cast to leave me alone as I attempt to live my life, free from celebrity stalkers.
In related news, last night Liza, Lovey, and I were discussing celebrity sightings. Liza has (allegedly) seen roughly 30 celebs. However, I generally don't notice celebs unless Liza points them out to me. Yeah. True story. I must be honing my skills though, because over the last few months I have noticed multiple B-actors all on my own. Guess I've either become more observant or the celebrities are truly stalking me. I'd like to think it is the former, but the latter is more probable.
Remind me to tell you the story of the most famous celebrity-crack-attack sighting I've ever had (with Liza because, as I said, she notices all the good ones).


Liza said...

Uptown Girl (aka my celeb spotting protege)- wow you are seriously improving your skills on Celeb Attracting. I am so proud of you.
When you live on the Upper East-side..of the most fabulous, most celebrity dense city in the world, you are bound to see them all over the place, but you have to pay attention to your surroundings in order to notice them. Not everyone parades them selves in front you (crack attack and all) - that means you Tom!(I know you're reading this)..Serio learn some celeb manners, buy a hat and try a little less to be noticed.

As for you UG, keep up the good work. And buy some pepper spray - it is always good to have at the ready that you realize you are being stalked.

M-Cat said...

Can't these people just leave you alone and let you live your sophisticated, exciting life alone?

yes, you are being stalked, I just know it!

Uptown Girl said...

Liza- I have no idea where to get pepper spray. Remember that was why we couldn't move to the UWS?

M-Cat- it is so so true. Being so sophisticated is just my plight in life! (thank you for noticing)