Tuesday, November 3, 2009


[Thanks to Ann for this pic. It is right up my alley.]

I was recently introduced to the film Moulin Rouge
(although I had seen random scenes and learned the music by heart years ago).
I am now addicted to singing, humming, and listening to the music.
As I daydream about you know who.
Oh, you don't know who??
It is none other than my beloved Scot, Ewan.

Those eyes, that voice, that accent...

Watch Ewan pronounce McGregor at the 45 second mark of this interview.

Even his name becomes uber dreamy. Swooncity. Droolable.

Have a tissue on hand.

For Ewan McGregor,

I would happily become a courtesan dying of tuberculosis...

who wouldn't??


Amber W. said...

I love that movie, too!

foxy said...


Love him... and that irresistible accent!!

Thanks for stopping by my place, lady! ;)

DeNae said...

I know that, at age 45, drooling over Mr. McGregor practically makes me a pedophile, but I'm so with you on this one.

And how adorable is he in that hat?? Yummmm...

Urban Mom said...

Come what Maaaaaaaayyyyy!

Damn. Now it's running through my drooly brain.

If you like a Scottish accent (and what girl doesn't, ay?), poke around YouTube a bit. I saw an interview with Craig Ferguson and James McAvoy that about knocked me flat. Hmmmm... now I have to go see if there's a Ewan interview with Craig.

Hope the Urban Kids didn't want to get fed until Mommy's off of YouTube.

M-Cat said...

I'm so old, I feel a little couragish liking him! Oh, but he is a cutie!

rita said...

A little cougarish? Hell, I relish my cougarocity.