Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Uptown Girl here.

Uptown Girl here.
Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite.
I know you've been lost without me. It's only natural.

So, you want to know what I've been up to these postless weeks? You want to know where I've been?


That's right, it spells stranded. My major daily internet addiction resources have been significantly depleted. Obvi, I'm no longer using the world wide web to blog and read blogs and comment on blogs and email and gchat while I work. You'd be amazed at how many work related tasks I've accomplished. And in record breaking time. Quite thrilling and depressing at the same time. Also, I don't own a computer (read: my laptop died tragically in February and I can't quite move on. Mourning period and all).

Anywho. You've missed me and that is the reason that I'm holed up in my room late at night secretly borrowing my roomie's epically slower than an upside down turtle in a race against time sorry excuse for a laptop (sorry Lovey, but you know I blog the truth, like Lightman would if he started a blog in his fictitious existence). And I'm extremely grateful to be using said laptop to clear my head slash post this post.

Where was I? Right. You've missed me, and you're dying to know what I've been up to. A crap ton... I'll make a list.

Uptown Girl Happenings During Excruciating Internet Absence

  1. Travelled via bus to and from Virginia to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and the 3 cutest children that exist (since I am now grown).
  2. While sitting with my niece (still in VA), she told me "Aunt Uptown Girl, you have beautiful eyebrows". Obvi. What a smart and observant child.
  3. Attended a Chili Cook-off (in VA) among countless married couples and their myriad of children (most of the kids were in the basement with the babysitters, where I prob belonged). Yummy chili, interesting insights into the world of family life. When we piled into the minivan at the end of the night I thought it was at least 10pm. It was 7:29. And my niece said "can we go to the party now? that wasn't a party."
  4. Started feeling like my head might explode on the bus ride back to NY. It did not explode. It did however brew a home-concoction I like to call sinusitis. As this is still lingering I finally started antibiotics today.
  5. I've tried to rest as much as possible. I've watched way too much tv, fallen further in love with the DVR, and discovered a Peruvian cold remedy that knocks me out for hours on end.
  6. skipping some steps due to passing my bedtime.
  7. Celebrated Lovey's bday. Multiple times. Cake, beer, fairy wings, beer, cake, ice cream, love. I love birthdays. I love Lovey. Tons O' celebratory goodness. Partied like the rockstars we are. Ain't no thang.
  8. Haven't run in 2 weeks. 2. weeks. Part bc I was travelling. Then part sinusitis/head-cold/sore throat stuff. And part laziness. Yes, I've let myself go. Did you read the part about the beer, cake, and ice cream?
  9. At least I have beautiful eyebrows.
  10. Getting ready for India. I leave next Wednesday. Can you believe it? Visa- check. Some of my travel meds- check. Knowing what I will pack- ? eeeeeek no no no.
  11. Work happy (3) hour party with dancing and unprofessional behavior. But not from me.
  12. You should also know that I had a great hair day today.
  13. MISSING BLOGGING. I've realized how much I rely on blogging to get out my thoughts and feelings and ideas. And how much you need me. I'm so sorry for your loss in these last days and weeks. I will do my best to beg, borrow, and steal (prob steal) my way onto computers to post for you. Because that's the kind of Uptown Girl I am.
{threading. one day I'll share my secret with my nieces. and if you know this pretty girl from google images, please share with her the secret called "eye makeup remover". kthanxbye.}

I hope this post addressed your concerns and satisfied your curiosity for now. And remember, curiosity killed the cat.

Uptown Girl


rita said...

God, yes, I've missed you!!! I take it that work cracked down on internet usage? Mine does frequently. No gmail or facebook at work. Unless I have my Crack with me. Which I don't.

Threading? WTF? Is this a torture technique that will soon be ruled inhumane?

Have a good time in India. Although I think that I'd have to use that money to buy a new laptop.

Amber W. said...

I've wondered where you have been! I hope this internet starvation doesn't last too much longer for you!

Alice said...

Hello stranger! You really have been missed. As you know.

I can't thread. It makes me sneeze and hurts more than waxing I think. But I know it's better for my skin so I'm gonna have to give it a shot again. Thanks for the inspiration. :D

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you were. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the update, and I have to agree...if my mac died I would get so much done!

and I need to try threading....

Urban Mom said...

So excited for you about going to India. Urban Dad & I are attending an all-day elaborate Hindi wedding on Saturday. Not exactly an overseas trip, but the clothes, music, food.... it'll be like a mini-trip maybe. Looking forward to pictures from YOUR trip!

Eyebrows frame the face, y'know. So clearly you are a fabulous work of art! Kudos to your niece for having such fab taste.

Feel better!

M-Cat said...

Have missed you.
Now I know what threading is. WTH??? for reals..... why?