Sunday, November 22, 2009

update and farewell

I leave for India on Wednesday. I'll be en route for 18 hours not including my short layover in Brussels. That's in Belgium for those of you who don't know.

I've been stressing freaking out overthinking preparing for the trip for what seems like ages. Pouring out my blood, sweat, and tears. Or not. I've emailed my brother (who I'll be visiting in India) about 3,658 times to ask random questions, and I've called his girlfriend (who has made the trip twice) almost daily. And now I feel ready. Mostly.

I've been told to bring linen pants and t-shirts to wear. Linen pants. Where do you find linen pants in November in NY? On the internet. QVC. They arrived in time but unfortunately they don't really fit me. They're way big and unflattering. But they're all I've got and they'll work with my oh so fashion forward t-shirts.

Even with the incredible fashion faux pas that I'll be rocking in India, I will find a way to look and be fabulous. Obvi. I'm an Uptown Girl and I'll own those larger than life linen pants that add 10 lbs to my frame. I'll be thinking in kilograms anyhow, so with all that metric conversion math I'll probably be too confused to worry about ruining my once in a lifetime photos.

Since I know how much you miss me when I'm gone, here is a little something for you to remember me by (while I'm far far away on the other side of the world for about ten days) while you celebrate the most important holiday of the year. Black Friday.

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DeNae said...

What is it with India these days? My next door neighbor just got back from 2 weeks in India. I go 45 years without knowing a single soul who has been there, and now this.

Have an awesome trip, UG! And don't worry about those linen pants. I'm sure that with the heat you'll be retaining enough water to fill them up in no time!

Yep, that's me, the glass - or soft tissue - is always half full girl.

Alice said...

Have a great trip!! Be safe. We'll miss you!

lacochran said...

How deelish for you! Have a wonderful trip!

Seriously Why Can't I? said...

This sounds like the most amazing trip, take lots and lots of pictures. And I will keep an eye on the big Apple for you -- we are headed your way on Wednesday. IN as much as you are a little frightened about traveling to India, I am a little frightened to be in NYC on Black Friday.

rita said...

I'll miss you! Enjoy yourself, and don't worry about those pants. I usually end up gaining weight on vacation, anyway.