Friday, November 6, 2009

Minced? Yep.

I'm sure you've seen a zillion and a half annoying obnoxious commercials. I know I have. But with the invention of DVR I can just skip right past them. Fast forward the horror. Or at the very least I can press the mute button. Because, hello... I'm an Uptown Girl. I don't do commercials if it is at all possible to avoid them. It is beneath me and everything I stand for.

But, sadly, even Uptown Girls have to watch a commercial now and then. In a scenario such as this:

I am getting ready for work in the morning and doing my hair or make-up (I guess that answers your lingering question- its Maybelline) and Good Morning America is on in the background. And the commercials start, and I can either stop what I'm doing to change the channel, or let them play on. It is quite the conundrum. This is one of the many occasions when I tell myself how helpful it would be to have a servant. I inevitably listen (from the bathroom where I am using the straightener) to multiple ads about medications for depression, urinary incontinence, or asthma medications I should talk to my doctor about. I can scarily repeat some of the lines word for word.

One commercial that I have seen one too many times is this vile ad for fishsticks...

It makes me mad every.single.time.
Serio?! How this helps sell Mrs. Paul's fishsticks is beyond me. If I were a fishstick kind of girl (which I'm not) I'd boycott the product. And if I were that mom I'd probably go out there and buy some more minced fishsticks to serve that ungrateful brat at every meal. Its a good thing that child is just acting because otherwise I'd predict a future of drama queendom and bi-otch central. What 4 year old even knows the word minced? I'm not sure I have a clear understanding of the definition of minced and I'm an adult. Sort of.


DeNae said...

Being a Vegas girl, I too FF through the commercials. And now I hate that child.

The fish stick thing, sadly, reminds me of an episode of Spongebob where they are competing in the fry cook games, and a vat of hot oil splashes onto the stands, turning all of the fish fans into fish sticks.

Classic humor. Seriously, seriously amusing.

Urban Mom said...

I knew it was high time to leave commercial production when I simply could NOT stand to watch anything live anymore. It all pretty much has to be recorded so that I can FF the comm'ls.

And when the Urban Kids gripe about food, I offer to open the fornt door and let them go out and try to find a better offer. They usually go for whatever choices I've given them. (yeah, i give them two choices -- i'm well aware of my own lack of culinary skills) Honestly, I am SOOOO over the Precocious Kid character.

BTW, I saw that your beloved Ewan was on Craig tonight. Did you record it? I'm recording it. Maybe it'll be on YouTube or something? 'Cause that's a LOT of swoony Scottish accent right there.

M-Cat said...

Wait, are you sure this isn't the same child who was offered that Pelli - whatever water in a thermos?

BTW - fish sticks blow! I REFUSED to ever serve them to my boys were they were little. I also taught them to fake illness if they were served at school.

rita said...

I'm an advertiser's nightmare. Whether I love or hate the commercial I usually can't remember what product it's flogging. Except that Big Plastic-Headed Burger King Pervert. I will never eat at Burger King again.

Unless one of my grandkids wants their mac-n-cheese, since few fast food places offer vegetarian fare.

My favorite commercial right now (besides any commercial for New Moon, which my husband tried to ff before I could catch it) is the takeoff on The Shining. I have no idea what it's selling, but I love the commercial.

Bekah Buttons said...

omg! i never saw that commercial (and seriously. that girl needs more minced fish for complaining!)

when i was growing up we ate whatever fish sticks my mom gave us- no matter how much mercury was in them!


katy said...

I think I prefer minced fish sticks - taste less like fish.