Wednesday, November 4, 2009

overheard in the upper eastside

Overheard in the Upper Eastside...

I was on my way to work this morning, on the M15 Bus. The usual crowd was commuting. Mostly working men and women, some random folks that can't possibly have a job but like to ride the bus at rush hour anyway, and a handful of parents with pre-schoolers. This story is about one such parent and one such pre-schooler.

I first noticed this mid-thirties bald dad standing in the aisle with his silver coffee-to-go mug, his briefcase, and his little daughter (also standing). A cute guy nearby stood up to offer the duo his seat. What a gentleman, right? I was then distracted by my need to stare at this chivalrous man in aviators for a minute.

When I turned back and caught sight of the dad and daughter combo once more, he had plopped her into the seat and remained standing (on a crowded bus, parents either sit with the child on their lap or stand). He then leaned over the little girl and offered her the silver coffee thermos, saying:

"Would you like a sip of Pellegrino, darling?"

I do not kid. No joke. This man carries Pellegrino in a thermos. On the bus. And his tiny tot knows and drinks Pellegrino as well. Sparkling water is a must you know.

The best part of this is that I know and love a certain Upper Eastsider who will remain nameless drinks tons and tons of Pellegrino. And this person would never transfer the bubbly water into a thermos. Nor share it with a child who can't possibly appreciate the beverage. It is an acquired and sophisticated taste you know.

If you don't know about Pellegrino, just ask any toddler on the Upper Eastside.


lacochran said...

What a strange slice of life. Thanks for sharing.

Urban Mom said...

Wow. Now *that* is love right there.

Urban Kid 1 used to loudly demand California rolls. What 3yo demands Cally rolls? I didn't even know what they were until my mid-20's. Of course, she would also yell, "Wine! WINE!" in the restaurant. Oh yeah... Parents of the Year Award-Winners here.

Now, tell me you stalked the chivalrous guy to his place of employment!

M-Cat said...

I'm so white trash I'm still trying to pronounce the word.

But my GOOD ice cream? No way in hell the kids are getting it. They get the generic brand. That's the rules

rita said...

My sister used to live on chocolate (I mean, who doesn't?). She'd sneak it when her kids weren't in the room because, obvi, she wasn't sharing. Her preschool-aged daughter once walked in and stood right in front of her, sniffed her breath, and said, "You've got chocolate!" Joan denied it. Just the beginning of her slide into DenialLand.

Alexis Blake said...

I have to say that the pelligrino limonata, is pretty amazing... and probably pretty kid friendly, it tastes like lemonade. :-)