Thursday, July 2, 2009

holiday. celebrate. it would be. it would be so nice.

GAME ON. I'm in a sing-song-a-licious mood today. I'm thinking in lyrics. Your mission is clear. Read the post. Identify all the song lyrics used. No google. No looking it up. No emailing me privately with your answers- click the comment button- you know who you are. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Don't worry little one, I'm just kidding- no I will not let your computer self-destruct. Don't take me so serio! You rly need a vacay...

Although I have plenty of work to do today, I have zero focus or motivation or mojo to do it.


I'm so ready for the 3-day wknd it is UN-REAL. Unreal I tell you.

I'm ready to go right now. I'm ready to go right now. Give me the greenlight. Give me just one night. I'm ready to go right now. I'm ready to go right now.

Vacay central up in here. Up in here. Up in here. Serio. Serio-city.

Come on baby, let's get away. Save our troubles for another day. [like this pile of work... rood].

It's not that I have tons o plans for the J4ly wknd or anything. But, that is the point. Relax. Don't do it, when you want to go to it.

Avoid those big extensive scheming plans. Lay low. Find some peace & quiet.

Breathe in. Breathe out. You keep me alive. You are the fire burning, deep inside of me. You are my passion for life.

Oh, sorry I got distracted and I digress. I'm so rooty-tooty-fresh-and-fruity today and I know this is the choppiest most crazedy post you've ever seen. So I will end it here and leave you with this little ole rap that I may or may not have made up for you and your bad self.

My mic is a queen so listen to me sing, he wants a number 3 with a side of onion rings. He can come out the house with no ankle bracelet on, but he got two strikes so don't get his order wrong. You know I'm looking cute and there's nothin you can say but if you get with me, we can do it your way... heyyyyyy...

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Liza said...

HAHAH - the best lyrics were deffff the BonQuiQui ones!

ps. u r insane, u know that right?