Thursday, July 16, 2009

uptown girl's life plans

1- get my hair-did. Tomorrow is my appointment with the ever-famous Petra. I'm getting the new 'do done and will post pics asap to show you the fantabulous results. Get excited. Get pumped. Get ready for awesomeness.

2- celebrate my friend's life. Melissa is having a special birthday and we're celebrating on a cool pier with an outdoor bar on the upper westside tomorrow night. I'm crossing the park for her, so you know I love Melissa. And then we are celebrating in NJ on Saturday night. I'm a Jersey Girl at heart... did I ever tell you that? Please wipe the image of Real Housewives of NJ from your mind imediamente bc it is so not like that. Although, I admit that just like Caroline, I am short and I am scrappy.

3- running. I'm running another 4-mile race on Saturday morning. I generally think it is a sin to get up early on the weekend, but for some reason I keep signing myself up to race. que serra serra.

4- moving my mom. My mom and 2 youngest sibs are relocating 2 blocks away from their current diggs in NJ. Downsizing to a smaller space. This Saturday (post race) and Sunday should be a doozy. Packing, lifting, moving, unpacking. yippee!

5- going OOT. OUT OF TOWN. That spells V-A-C-A-Y!!!! 1 week from today I fly to Augusta, Georgia. To eat peaches and hang with my peeps. You know who you are... Helena & Mary. Fo shizzle my nizzle lemon drizzle. They are the bomb (as my mom would say). Helena and I have been besties since the summer of 2001 when we did a volunteer summer in Harlem/SouthBronx together. We share a love of all things cherry. She is precious and her sister Mary is presh as well. And their whole family is presh. And the state of Georgia. And the whole South. I love you South!

6- there is no 6. that is the plan for my life so far.


Amber W. said...

Sounds like a fun and eventful end to July! I just moved from good ol' Augusta, oddly enough. Have a blast!

Mary said...

#5 is my fave!!! YAY!!! Can't wait to see you on Thursday!!

PS I got my costume for the party and its pretty fabulous :) Love ya, rockstar!!

Bekah said...

i wait in anticipation for the hot hair that you will have!

Uptown Girl said...

Amber- that is so funny! Do you know my friends? I'm guessing you don't or you wouldn't've moved away...

Mary- I need to work on my costume! eek I don't know what to wear to be an 80s rocker. i may have to post on this.

Bekah- I'll try to get a pic up STAT!! hope i can find internet access tonite