Friday, July 17, 2009

Twilight vs Harry Potter

Who knew Robert and Daniel were so snarky?!?
I'm quite bothered. Quite.

Thanks to Victoria for sharing this video! And don't forget to do your part by participating in the post from earlier today... or I will CUT you (if you don't get that reference please x-out of the blogizzle imediately... and go check out Bon Qui Qui on youtube. please do not return until you've done so or you will be forever shunned by the blog). Obvi.


Liza said...


Alice said...

Didn't see the video yet...but I have to say. We have to be best friends. Bon Qui Qui is my most favorite ever! kids even have the skit memorized...good parenting..I know. haha!


Uptown Girl said...

Alice- that is good parenting. You sound like a stellar mom with very lucky kiddos.