Sunday, July 26, 2009

Millions of Peaches... well just one actually :)

So its Sunday night, and my favorite Uptown Girl is currently holding in her little hand... what else but a peach!! Basically, we're supposed to be at movie night next door, but we weren't digging the movie (as Uptown Girl says "It's lamespice!") so now we're blogging. Please do't get mad at us Helena. You know it was lamespice.

A little introduction. I'm pretty much loving having this fabulous chick here with us in Augusta! My name is Mary, and Uptown Girl previously referred to me as the "presh" little sister of her friend Helena. Basically she wants me to blog, so I'm humoring her and hoping she doesn't try to cut me!

Apparently there's a fantasy that is brewing which involves me moving to NYC and covering the entire apartment's rent with the pay upgrade I will receive. Unfortunately I'm thinking this is pretty unlikely, but who knows. I guess as a wise woman would say, "Time will tell..."

I digress. Time to tell about the visit.

So my sister (not Helena... the other one, Rebecca) turned 30 during our visit with Uptown Girl and her "hot self" (as she refers to herself). Rebecca decided that we needed to have a costume party to celebrate the occasion. Now, I'm going to try to be unbiased, but we were pretty glamorous!!! I mean, I don't want to brag but... well how about we just show you.

From left to right: Ethan (disco-tech king with glue on chest hair), me (Roman empress, not to be confused with a golden angel), Uptown Girl (80's rocker extraordinaire) and Rebecca (the birthday girl in gypsy attire).

Sisterly love with the Georgia Peaches :) On the far right is Helena (Uptown Girl's bestie and twin 80's rocker-- and that's a pretty hot shoulder. Swoon as needed...)

Basically we danced the night away, and some stayed up until 4 am (hint: neither of those writing this post were involved in the 4 am madness because I work a real job and was exhausted on a Friday night, and Uptown Girl was having to adjust to the GA timezone. She had jetlag for the first 2 days of the visit.)

Here's a little rundown of the other things we've done:

Belly dancing for dummies- We learned some fantastic dance moves for Friday night's party from our aerobic dance class.

Shopping at Wal-Mart- Been there two times since arrival... INAPPROPRIATE!!! But apparently we have some pretty great deals on goods in Augusta!

Shopping at Target- Only once, but again, great deals!

Shopping at Old Navy- Uptown Girl was tired of trying on clothes after the Target experience, and as hard as she tried to find her size in the favorite shoes, alas, she left empty-handed. But Helena... not so much!!!

Eating, Swimming, Eating, Swimming- if you know Uptown Girl or me or Helena and how hot it gets in the GA summer, this one should be self explanatory.

Running. Because we're amazing. Boom Boom Pow. It was hot! Literally! Mazeltov.

Making friends with the little guys- My nephews think Uptown Girl is their new best friend and affectionately refer to her as their "Aunt". She loves it!

Getting acquainted with the GA crew- Uptown Girl was stunned at first, but thankfully the group has redeemed themselves since the first frightening encounter (and not because she's super-shy. Seriously. Frightening. I mean I would have been...)

Drinking from the same keg on Friday, Saturday, and at Sunday brunch (by orders of my brother-in-law). Everybody was called on to do their part.

Sadly, our friend goes home tomorrow. But never fear, plans have been made for a follow-up visit to NYC (at least by me. Don't really know what Helena's plan is).

In closing, I've got a feeling that tonight's gunna be a good night! Peach out! Later y'all!


Lo the Unicorn said...

Sounds like fun times!!!

Mary said...

Well I did feel like I was rambling... but it was THAT FABULOUS!!!