Tuesday, July 7, 2009

please excuse me

I have to beg forgiveness on 2 fronts.

1- For posting while suffering from my intermittent temporary insanity. You know the post I'm talking about. Not the patriotic americana post on July 4th, but the one where I was stir crazy at work and wanting to be in a music video. Oh, I should've included lyrics from Video Killed the Radio Star! Totes. K, but yeppers, that was a doozie and I hope you know that while I am legally insane on days ending in a 'y', I know that was crossing a line. Too much.

2- For not posting much goodness of late. My excuses: life, hottness, superiority, lack of creative juiciness. In that order. Ok really just the life and creatively juiceless excuses. Life gets busy sometimes outside of blogland. I try my bestest to guard against real life getting in the way of blogging, but sometimes I fail. That's right. I am human. Shocking? I know. Sometimes it shocks me, too. Don't worry bc even tho I'm human, I am still an uptown girl and therefore amazing.

What do you think? Can we get past these 2 major pitfalls? Can we re-build our virtual friendship?
Let's virtually hug it out.

To make it up to you, I found created this video of Jim Halpert for your viewing pleasure. Hope it makes your Tuesday feel like a casual Friday at Dunder Mifflin. Oh Jim. You are sacot.

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