Friday, July 17, 2009

your turn

Ok so yesterday I so graciously shared my upcoming agenda with you.

And now it is your turn. I want you to tell me 2 things:

1- what are you most looking forward to this weekend? a party? a trip? a movie? a beach? a couch? a date? ice cream?


2- what are you most looking forward to this year? Is it seeing pics of my new hairdo? Be honest.

Those who deign to comment will get their blog on my sidebar... or you can suggest a fun prize for me to consider. After winning a blog prize this week I'm in a generous mood.

Ready, set, go.
[if those words made you cover your eyes and start counting to ten for Hide&Seek, well you may want to consider therapy bc you are living in your childhood a little too much. yes, i am referring to a certain person who will remain nameless. you know who you are.]


Alice said...

Winning contests is my favorite thing to do...I'm a little competitive. :o)

1. Saturday I am taking my 10 year anniversary pictures with the Hubby. I'm so excited...and I still don't know what to wear.

2. I am pretty excited about the new hair do...I am in need of a new look. I'm also excited about my 10 year anniversary in one week. But mostly I'm excited about my 30th birthday in December. I can't believe it...the dirty thirty! UGH...maybe I'm not so excited afterall.

uhski said...

Sorry I'm a day late and dollar short...

I don't really know why I'm a dollar short but I'm 7% sure that's how the saying goes...

THIS WEEKEND....drumroll please....I am studying mostly but looking forward to going with my brother's gf to get her tattoo. It's pretty sweet and I'm excited to not be the one with the needle full of ink being dragged along her skin...

THIS sister is getting married in October!!!! I am so excited for her and I'm probably going to be the best bridesmaid in the history of maiding brides.


Amber W. said...

I know I'm a bit late, but for good reason. I've been at the lake this weekend with my hubby's family. Can we say EXHAUSTING?!

This year, however, I'm really looking forward to a possible move to Virginia, *fingers crossed*. I'd get to live so close to so many awesome places!

Urban Mom said...

1. getting the hell out of boulder, co, where we are visiting relatives right now. this place gives me the heebie-jeebies. give me chicago (or new york, wink wink) any day!

2. starting really and officially being my daughter's teacher. i'm all amped to plan things. (if you'd told me ten years ago about this stage of my life, i'd have laughed out loud)

and, of course, seeing your new 'do.


Bekah said...

The problem is I check blogs in the morning, so I didn't see this since you posted it in the afternoon- and I dont' check on the weekends... soooo that's my excuse for being late.

But.. I WAS most looking forward to my childhood friend's wedding and seeing harry potter. Both things were miraculous.

This year? Moving to LA. I can't wait

Uptown Girl said...

Alice- congrats!! how exciting!

Sarah- how did the tattooing turn out?

Amber- why do you move so much? now i'm curious...

Urban Mom- i'm heading over to check your blog and hoping you have a lot for me to read!

Bekah- HP is miraculous?? and I know you are moving to LA, but why??

THanks everyone for participating!! I'm getting those links up...