Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sam is my bestie.

You believe in the 6-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon, right? Or at least the 6-degrees-of-separation?

Well, I know we all come to these blogs with different faiths and varying belief systems, but if we all believe in the 6-degrees then we are all really connected.

Therefore I am practically blood brothers with Sam Champion. obvi.

[aside- shout out to Laura of "Life is An Adventure--Dare It". She used the word 'obvi'. Good girl. She is the shiz-nit and always has been. Fo shizzle my nizzle lemon drizzle.]

Here's the flow.... my youngest sister Bina is 14. This morning she was in nyc at Good Morning America at 5:30 (AM!!!! 5:30 in the morning!!!! wtf???) for her friend's 14th bday celebration. The girls all came into the city to go to the show and have a blast. I don't know how anything is a blast at 5:30am, but I digress.

So, Sam Champion had a whole convo on tv with Bina's friends Katherine and the bday girl Julia. He even made a rude comment about Julia's braces. He said he likes them, but still... who says that... on live tv... to a 14 year old b-day girl... who is sensitive about her braces already??!!! Rood, Sam. Rood. Even so, Sam is my bestie. BFFs.

Also, Bina stood next to her friends waving at Sam and screaming WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! She makes me proud.

Sammy and I have only 1 or 2 degrees of separation (1 degree if Bina shouting at Sam counts, 2 degrees if it is her friends. No, either way I have 1 degree bc I practically raised those girls. All three of them. On my own. I made them what they are today.). Ok, Sam and I have 1 degree separation. Done and doner.

I also have 1 degree separation from Kevin Bacon. Short story is this: he was staring at my brother Pete at a bar one night. Pete noticed him staring, and KBacon tried to avert his eyes, but he wasn't fast enough and Petie caught him. Poor K-BLT was embarrassed... obvi.

1 degree separation from Kevin Bacon, 2 to his wife Kyra Sedgwick aka Chief Brenda Lee Johnson. I less than three Kyra. She is so awesome on The Closer. Makes me want to confess to a crime I didn't even commit... or did I??? She's that good.

Ok, so now that we're clear I want you to know something. I'm only 1 or 2 degrees away from these celebs. And from what I can tell, it makes the little people (Kevin Bacon, Kyra, and Sam) feel pretty important to be so closely related to me. How sacot is that? I mean, it's only natural (I know), but it is so humbling for me.


Alice said...

I wanna go to Good Morning America for my 30th! But wait...it snows in NYC right? I wouldn't even know how to act.

Gabriel and Anna said...

Laughing so hard. Especially picturing Bina and her 14 year old friends screaming at 5:30 am.Ahh...the good old yesteryears.

Bina said...

hahhaa.. i love how you said you basically raised Julia and Katherine..sacot. But im on again at 9:00 in the morning tomorrow on fox. bc we went to planet Hollywood bc we saw Jordin Sparks was going to b there and we met her and she signed my arm!!!!!!!!! This woman interviewed me and 2 of my friends about Jordin Sparks...we even sang a little. You must watch!!