Monday, August 17, 2009


There will be no swoon here today. And no incredible noteworthy post. But, there there, don't cry little one. I have good news to share. Because sharing is caring. Secrets don't make friends, and friends don't make secrets (a certain someone recites that to me often and I have yet to figure out what she means... but I digress).

There are important things happening in Blogland today. Please make sure you are seated with your seat belt fastened and your tray table in the upright position.

By the power of Graystone, may I present JUNE 'THE SWOON' CLEAVER!!!!!!

Yeah, click the link. She's back on the scene, and since I haven't posted any swoony pics this past week, I guess June realized it was time to get back to work. It's a hard job, more of a calling really, but someone has to do it.

Oh and btw, I lied.
I'm giving in and posting one little swoony pic to prepare you for the real swoon.

You're welcome.


Lo the Unicorn said...

He's pretttttyyyyyy hot!!!!

rita said...

He is pretty! And hot! Who is he?!

Uptown Girl said...

mmmm... it's been difficult to blog this week with his face on my screen all the time. and by 'all the time' i mean 'when i scroll down a lot to see it'.