Thursday, August 6, 2009


2nd on Lovey's list of McHotties.... Patrick Dempsey. Lovey stated in her rant that I must post pics of these men without shirts. ummmm can you say scandalous?? Scan to the Da to the Lous. She then reminded me in real life about her intense virtual need to virtually view shirtless chests, abs, and arms. I got scolded. Not virtually scolded. Real life scolded. Can you even imagine??. I will repent.

But, first let's go thru the little checklist of Uptown Boy Requirements and see if Patrick meets our blogging needs, shall we??

Piercing eyes? check.

Full head of hair? check.

Wide endearing smile? check.

Looks good in scrubs? check.

Nice teeth? check.

Adores me? check check.

Shirtless photo available on Google Images? check.

Ok, well technically McDreamy meets all the requirements for becoming an Uptown Boy. However, maybe you should be the judge bc when I glance at those blue eyes I lose my train of thought.

McPreppy here looks like boy next door trying to pull off a Rob Pattinson bouffant in his blue button-down stripey shirt. Oh, you didn't notice any of that did you? You were staring at his eyes? You got lost at sea? That's what I thought.

Here, Pat is posing especially for me. Obvi, he reads the blogizzle and knows to look good in a suit if he wants to get featured. Well done Patty Pat Pat. However, you're really disappointing Lovey. She said shirtless. ShirtLESS. Lovey, can you go help him with that concept?

Yikes stripes fruit striped gum. McDreamy is McViolated. He said he'll show the arms but no more. Patrick is such a brooder sometimes.

Is this better? Aww, McDreamy is McNervous around you Lovey! As you can tell from the first pics, our boy is much more comfy in his nice button down shirts. Modest mouse that he is.

He finally gave in just to take this 1 picture for the blogizzle. And we appreciate it, don't we?

Now, please answer my original question. Does McDreamy have what it takes to be an Uptown Boy? Is he Mr. McUptown?


Lovey said...

Ok, so Ms. Uptown Girl did QUITE a good job, I must say, on posting swoony pics of Pat Dempsey. Although, I'm disappointed to find out he's not as muscly as in my day dreams and swooning moments watching "Grey's". Oh well, I guess you can't have it all, right? Gorgeous and SUPA muscles??
BUT I must say that Miss. UG left out the creme de la creme of Mr. Dempsey photos, soooooo, I have taken the liberty of providing it for you all happy swooners. Its linked to Miss UG's post and shows that some men DO, oh how they DO, get better with age!!!!! Sorry it wont hyper link, but its worth the cut and paste.

Alice said...

Oh he has come a long way since Ronald Miller. Hey Pat you don't have to buy my's yours!! :D

Amber W. said...

Um...I think I like him dressed better than undressed. A bit scrawny, wouldn't you say? An "Uptown man" should have a little more meat on him. Not hatin', just sayin'.

uhski said...

PATRICK DEMPSY AHLKSJDOFIJSdf love him soooo much. You are officially my Hero of the Day for posting this!


that picture with the blue shirt and the eyes =
passing out.

Uptown Girl said...

AMBER... my thoughts exactly.
and in the same vein, Downtown Girl (who never posts her comments but tells me in super secret) has asked that I balance the blogizzle by adding some McSteamy pics. I think it is only fair. stay tuned...

Uptown Girl said...

oh and Lovey- thank you for that link. I think Pat was cute back in the day but way better now. obvi. but he has def always been a bit of a lean machine.

Alice said...

MCDreamy + McSteamy = Alice Dead