Friday, August 7, 2009

truly madly deeply

Remember that precious day when I sweetly suggested that you checkout Goldspot's kick arse song, "Friday"??

The song is in my head and on my mind once again today. Maybe bc today is Friday. Maybe bc it is beautiful. Maybe bc I sing it out to the office thruout the day every Friday. Maybe I put too much sugar in my coffee. Or maybe, just maybe it has a profound message and poignant lyrics that I ponder from time to time. You be the judge.

Today is friday, it is my day to live a simple life
Put on my make-up, dress up in color
Maybe you might see me down here
Could you come along, bring me in
Would you come along, bring me in
Bring me in

I took mercy on you and only posted the one verse that is speaking to me today... rather than the whole song. And now the time has come for me to translate these lyrics into a language I understand. Uptownese.
Today is friday, it is my day to relax and mentally prepare for the weekend. Don't stress, take a breath.
Put on my make-up, hair looks fab, dress up in black bc it is so simple and chic. And classic.
You might see me uptown. Looking amazing.
Could you come uptown and take me to dinner at a posh restaurant?
Would you come along and bring me for a ride in your limo? Or PJ?
Bring me a gift.
Thoughts? Words of praise? That's what you thought the lyrics meant, too? Right!? I'm not surprised bc generally I feel like you totally "get" me.
I did preface this whole post with the fact that the Goldspot lyrics are profound. They just speak to me so clearly. And deeply. Truly, madly, deeply.

[aside: Do you recognize this nerdy teacher? If you answered 'no' to that question please go watch the video linked in the very first line. Now. I think the nerdy teacher needs to listen to the lyrics and go put on some make-up, pull her hair down, and wear a flirty outfit. Bc she really is a very pretty girl behind that turtle-neck and those glasses. Ok I like the glasses, just not with her hair up and the turtle-neck. Is there such a thing as over-modesty? Anyone?]


Enjoy your FRIDAY, and check back later bc I have ever so many posting ideas this morning. Gotta get some work done at present... but I will return to you my bosom blogger friends. Fo shizzle my nizzle lemon drizzle.

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Amber W. said...

Yay for Friday! :-)