Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what the Fritz?

The Closer Season 5 has come to an end. Closed for the season. And it is a sad state of affairs. I am going thru the typical withdrawl symptoms: can't make myself get to bed at a decent hour sleep, can't stop eating ice cream eat, and can't stop drooling when I think about Fritz. Obvi. I know you feel my pain. bleh... sob... wipe a tear.

Luckily, I do have the great ability to watch re-runs and old seasons on the world wide web and on DVD. Yay for Netflix! And, of course, I have the great honor of being able to google-image pics of my hot mess... also known as Jon Tenney... also known as Fritz Howard. Fritzie!!

Here. He. Is:

Fritz looks good in his suit. His little FBI get-up. His intense look says, "You are a difficult woman, but I have what it takes to deal with you. And I will deal with you. And in a loving way. And you won't walk all over me. No fear." On the show his look says this to Brenda, but in real life/my imagination he is saying this to me. And to you, and to every woman he melts.

Look at that face... oooh Fritzie.

Fritz has single-handedly blown my 'babs' theory to bits. Almost. The fact that he is just a character on tv and not a real man is the only thing that keeps babs intact. The only thing. And, yes, babs is going strong.

Young Jon Tenney in a tux. A tux! Uh huh. Aww yeah. Swoon.

Fritzie likes my blogizzle. Who doesn't? It makes him smile. And laugh. And swoon.

Can you think of any character that is a better example of what a man should be? And in the same mostly-realistic way that Fritz exemplifies swoonability?
Feel free to help me with these captions. I know they are lacking. And I apologize for the lack of shirtless pics, google-images deprived us all. Or maybe Fritz is just that modest?


rita said...

Ooooooh, thanks for the swoon. I'm glad I checked in before turning off the computer and heading home.

I have to check out this babs thing.

Uptown Girl said...

yes, you MUST check out babs!
I had to do a mini-swoon... just had to ;)