Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what a Bratt!

Back by popular request: a more formal swoony swoon.
Lovey is quite upset that I teased her the way I did yesterday. She wanted to see a picture of a man, not a pizza. Some ppl are picky like that...

Lovey commented on the pizza-swoon-post and gave a little list of her demands requests.

In an attempt to keep my day job, I can only search for pics of these men 1-at-a-time. Otherwise it is way too distracting and time consuming. And my coworkers complain when I'm drooling too much at my desk. I'm sure you can imagine what I'm talking about. Lamespice.

Starting at the top of Lovey's list is Benjamin Bratt. While I'm not personally his biggest fan, I do see the appeal. The back story is this. He used to be with Julia Roberts. He broke up with Julia to pursue me. I didn't like him like that. The chemistry wasn't there. I mean, he's a sweetie and he bought me lots of flowers and dinners. But I'm just not that into him. I tried to let him down easy by giving him a copy of the book "He's Just Not That Into You", but he didn't get the hint and stepped up his game. Next, I bought him Seasons 1-6 of "The Wonder Years" so he'd understand what I meant when I said "Sorry Benny, I don't like you like you". Anyways, as you can imagine, this has all been very hard on little BennyBoy. He has since moved on, but not 100%, obvi, he still sends flowers from time to time.

Here he is with my man Eduardo Verastagui. Not the best shot of either one, I admit. But hello, anybody that is friends with EVerastagui is a friend of mine.

Oh, Benny. You are pensive. You are worried about how to get me to like you. You are wearing a suit bc you read my blogizzle and you know how I feel about menswear. Sexy+Smart=Swoonable.

Benny went thru a bad-boy stage during his post-rejection-depresison. He has since gotten the tattoo of my face removed from his back.
Ok, this was taken after Ben started moving on from his maddening-crush on me. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel after I introduced him to his (now) wife. What a relief...

Who would be willing to comfort Benjie if he ever sinks back into his depression??? Anyone?

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Alice said...

He is mine.

end.of.story. :D