Friday, August 21, 2009


This is my fantasy weekend plan... to sit in this chair on a tropical island with this view + a good book + a pool boy + it would be a cabana not this actual chair + unlimited food and beverages. Oh and minus every care in the world. And maybe you can join me. Who's in?

What does your imaginary weekend have in store?

*smile bc it is FRIDAY*


Lovey said...

love it! but unfortunately my weekend has rain planned in it!!!! crapiola!

The wife of bold said...

Count me in!!!! That sounds fabulous i just have to lose a husband and a child or four, then i'm totally there :) One can dream sigh!

Alice said...

When I'm up tomorrow at buttcrackofdawn o'clock tomorrow getting a 6 year old boy ready for his 6:30 call time at the football field I'm gonna close my eyes and imagine that picture. Then I'll prolly cry..jus' sayin'!

june cleaver said...

my imaginary weekend is going to be a reality becuz I am going to a dive of a bar that has a live band and drink myself silly because it is one of my closest friends birthday-and I am going to dance-and possibly fall down! But I will not throw up-nope. I will not!

Connie said...

So there.

Hey, Thanks for your comment on my post on BBL! That's funny you met Devon! :p