Monday, August 24, 2009

patience little one, patience

Yes, I am perfectly aware that the weekend is over.

It saddens me to no end. No end, I tell you.

The weekend was low key and lovely. And I never made it to my tropical beachfront paradise. But, sometimes I like low key. It beats hectic and stressful every single time. But it never beats the beach. Just saying.

Sometimes I wish this was a private blog because I want to write an ounce more freely about my innermost thoughts and secrets without worrying about who will read them. Because I have oh so many to share.

I am extremely fortunate to have women in my life who are there to listen to my confused nonsensical dilemmas and offer simple sage wisdom in return. What would I do without my girlfriends?

How would I survive even one week? My girls bring me such joy and help me to stay grounded. This is true both when I'm overly worried (read: on the brink of mental breakdown) and in times when I'm overly excited (read: getting my hopes up, or putting too much stock into something). And I try to do the same for my friends. I think as women we balance each other that way.

Maybe that is why I don't write poems very often and neglect my journal. Instead I work things out by talking things thru with my therapist friends. Why is it that I can give *amazing* advice to friends (ok, usually I can just tell them what NOT to do), but then need the same advice given back to me? We can rely on each other, uh huh. From one corner to another, uh huh. [name that tune]

I think what this advice usually comes down to is patience. A virtue that virtually escapes me. .. What is that saying? Patience is a virtue. A virtue is a grace. And grace is a girl that slaps you in the face. Something to that effect. Yeah, so back to the point of this rambling hot mess... Usually the advice we give one another is to be patient, not to rush into or out of any situation. To weigh pros and cons. To take time. Time heals and time reveals the good the bad and the fugly. Why is it so hard to remember this one little bitty life lesson? It has been the answer to almost all questions I've had. Once I give things time or just take time to work stuff out in my head, and remember that there is no need to rush, I can take a breath, take a step back, take a walk, and relax to the max. I let the question at hand lie, unanswered, and just live a little more. Then the answer will come. And it always does. Oh, and the issues swirling about in my brain can come down a notch and I can then see them for what they are... and they are usually not as urgent and pressing as they seemed before the girltalk commenced.

Anywho. I've got 2 songs whirling around in my head. One by Regina Spektor and one by Taylor Swift. Talk about poets. Those ladies rock my world. They put my feelings into words and those words into music. Haven't I told you to check out Do it to it. It will make your life. But as with all good things, patience will come in handy with figuring out imeem just like with figuring out life, love, work, play, and song lyrics.

Hope your Monday is happy great fantastic bearable! Just be patient bc the weekend is only a few long short days away...


Lovey said...

(tear tear) very sentimental. Sometimes you get that way and we love it Uptown Girl! Did you make that 'slap the girl Grace in the face' up yourself?? very impressive rhyming!

Amber W. said...

I'm definitely someone that needs to learn the art of patience. It always seems like things work out for the best when I just let things take their course.