Thursday, August 13, 2009

August Sick Day

Remember back in May when I was home sick for a couple days?? And I posted some random uber interesting facts that I learned from daytime tv here?
Well, I'm a bit under the weather again. But this time only a little bitty bit bit. I stayed home from work (*yay*) to rest up yesterday and nip this thing in the bud. I'm back to work today and I'm even feeling a little better. So don't fret.

Things I learned on tv yesterday:

1- Sam Champion must be on vacay because he had a substitute meteorologist in his place. And it wasn't his usual sub. Can you believe that?? I think it was this realization that pushed me over the edge. The edge of illness. With this realization I knew I could not function properly on the job. It weakened my already fragile state. Too much... too much.

2- Lifetime and Ion both have Reba marathons simultaneously. You can literally flip back and forth and back and forth.

3- Regis Philbin uses a CPAP machine to sleep at night. It broke.

4- The lead singer from Hootie and the Blowfish is on his own now and just came out with his first album. I forget his real name, maybe Darius Rucker? Something like that, but we will just call him Hootie. Can you guess what genre he's singing now??

[aside: Did I ever tell you that I'm a winner? That's right. I win big. About 4 years ago I won free tickets to a small semi-private Hootie&theBlowfish concert. Booyah. Booyah ka sha. And I've won other cool stuff too. Liza may be able to comment with a story or 2... hehehe]

5- Chase Crawford (of Gossip Girl... if you didn't know this, well, shame on you. And yes I think he looks a bit feminine.) used to be a valet. You know, the guy who parks your benz at fancy upscale restaurants. Well, he admits to stealing gum from important people. And he once parked Jessica Simpson's car.

6- The girl who plays Dexter's girlfriend in season 1 (i've only seen season 1 of the show, so I have no idea if she continues on) had a main role in an episode of Law & Order. I know you're thinking, "that is not news. doesn't everyone do a stint on L&O?" Anyway, don't jump to conclusions bc that is not the point here. The point is this: I think she's a rly good acctess and she was completely different in this role. So there.

7- Stacey and Clinton of 'What Not to Wear' have a lot of rules about fashion... they talk a lot about the importance of fit, structure, letting the clothes enhance your shape, etc. I think ppl should just let Liza dress them. She is my personal stylist and she doesn't have so many rules. With Liza it is more like "yes, wear that, you look hot" or "no, change outfits, you could look hotter". And I appreciate that approach.

8- Healthy Choice meals are looking more appetizing. Now if only they had more calories...

9- I want everything sold on QVC. And on infommercials. Everything.

10- The Closer is one of the bestest shows on television. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but there are only 2 episodes left this season. Thank you sooo much.

That sums it up. 10 amazing facts learned from tv. What have you learned lately?


little ms. sassy shelby said...

I'm a infomercial whore. I've seen every one and want to own every product. They suck me in every single time!

I would let Chase Crawford park my car and steal my gum any time. Man-bangs and all.

uhski said...

i <3 dexter even though it gives me the ultimate heebies of the jeebies i still watch it. he still has the same girlfriend and I'm waiting for season 4....? i think. whatever one is going to be new.

thanks for those fun-filled facts!

Mary said...

Darius Rucker is a country singer now. And I loved that you called him Hootie, cause Helena and I went to see him earlier this year... and she kept freaking calling him Hootie. I corrected her about a bazillion times before I just gave up and began referring to him as Hootie in her presence. :) Hope you're feeling better sunshine! And by the way, do you want any of our humidity? Its making me think I live in a sauna!!!