Saturday, October 17, 2009

ahhh blogger

Blogger hates me. We have a love-hate-relationship. All I want is for Blogger to love and appreciate me, save my posts, let me comment on other blogs, and not close out all my internet screens at random. Maybe flowers once in a while? Is a dinner-date too much to ask?

I pour so much love into Blogger and I give Blogger countless hours of time, attention, and tender loving care. I give and give and give... sometimes I cry at night thinking about this sick co-dependant relationship I'm in. And it hurts. Love hurts.

Oh now I have that song stuck in my head from "Wedding Singer". No not the song entitled Love Hurts. Remember that Boy George wanna-be who sang Do you really want to hurt me... do you really want to make me cry... over and over? Yeah, it is now playing over and over in my head. On repeat.

If any of you, my public, has any pull with Blogger, please put a word in on my behalf. Or with a company that will sell me a laptop for cheap- your choice.

Happy Saturday Blogland!


Amber W. said...

Hang in there! I'm working on a post that might make your day a little brighter. Just to give you a hint, it involves suits and hot men.

Alice said...

I too am hated by blogger. I can't comment on some blogs and sometimes I have some HILAR to say and I can't. Then I tear up. I know how you feel and I am sad with you.

talk at ya later...gotta go see hot men in suits on Amber's blog. :)

JennyMac said...

I am glad to know Blogger is finicky with others. Our relationship was flaw free for the first 9 months I was blogging...and then whoooops...

Uptown Girl said...

Amber- I may pop over there again today (if stinky work computer will allow it) to revisit those men.

Alice- I tried commenting on your blog about 85 times over the wknd and nothing went thru. blast.

JennyMac- nice profile pic, you are always welcome Uptown :)

rita said...

I can comment on blogger when I'm using the Crack. Of course, the Crack is so slow in this non-3g area that there's no point in trying to do anything with it.

rita said...

I just tried (several times) to comment over at Urban Mom's and blogger would not allow it. Said my password was wrong. I think that I know my password better than they do.

Then I popped over here, and my first comment went right through. We'll see what this one does.