Monday, October 26, 2009

how to make a girl blush...

This morning I met with a patient to discuss all sorts of private medical matters. Due to HIPAA I cannot disclose any of the juice. What I can tell you is that this dear old man made me blush.

At the end of our convo, Mr. Patient Man handed me a chocolate bar and said... "you look so skinny, you'd better eat this".

I'm not making this up. He really said that.


Outside of dreamland (and maybe blogland- thanks to *Rita*), no one has ever referred to me as skinny. On top of that, I am feeling particularly bloated today. And this patient is very skinny himself. I mean, I could break him if I bumped into him. I could knock him over if I exhaled in his direction.

I thanked him, blushed, pinched myself, checked behind me for a candid-camera-crew, and replied that "well, no one has ever called me that before, but I'll take it". I told him I'd share the chocolate bar with my coworkers who are in fact skinny minnies. And I walked away attempting to see myself the way Mr. Patient Man sees me. Even if Mr. Patient Man is just an old charmer. Even if Mr. Patient Man has an eye disease that left him almost blind so that my actual body is blurred out when he looks my way. What matters is that he sees me as I am: a woman in need of chocolate. Could he be my personal elderly Mark Darcy?


Sarsh722 said...

Don't you love comments like that? Regardless of the context, it's always nice to have someone compliment you like that :) Thanks for the kind words about our marathon recaps!

rita said...

I think that this is one of those cases where what you see in the mirror is not what other people see. In the pictures I've seen of you full-length, you ARE skinny, and you know that cameras add 20 pounds!

I'm 5'9" and weigh *mumblemumbleliemumble* and people tell me I'm skinny. I see someone who's a good 20 pounds overweight who needs to quit eating m&ms and buttered popcorn (yep, I add butter to the SmartPop) (only on weekends will I allow myself to eat it) and hit the trail. And the crunch machine.

You look great!

Urban Mom said...

Hey, aren't you all about OWNING it?? Own that action, sista! I often think that we women are the one's with the eye disease. We see our faults and magnify them unnecessarily. Think of all of the women that this old guy has seen over a lifetime -- and in New York! So, honey, if he says you're skinny and need some chocolate, then take his word for it and enjoy that smile for the rest of the day. (which it sounds like you did, so yay on you!)


Ann-tidote said...

totally awesome. that cracks me up!

so, thank you thank you for the sweet note on saturday! My sista compiled a scrap book for me of them all :) She LOVES your blog. as do i.

Uptown Girl said...

thanks ladies- time to own it and eat more i guess!

Ann- I'm so glad you liked it! Sisters make everything better :)