Monday, October 5, 2009

on my soap box

I am supporting Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty one bar of soap at a time. I just found out that if I go on their website and enter my UPC code they will donate $1 to self-esteem programs for girls. Considering I spent $1.85 for my bar of soap, it seems like a pretty good deal to me.
I always forget to buy more soap until I'm down to a tiny sliver of nothingness. I'll be in a grocery store, a pharmacy, whatever, and walk out without more soap. It is a subconscious phenomenon commonly known as Wannabe Dirtyandgrossgustingitis. Anyways, oddly enough I remembered that I needed soap (badly) while out on the town on Saturday night. At about 1:30am I stopped in the nearest bodega and asked for a bar of soap. And I made sure to buy Dove.
Yeah, my adorable clutch wasn't big enough to fit the box of soap. So I had to carry it in a yucky plastic bag to the next VIP venue and for the rest of the night! You think that sounds awkward? I do too. But at least I can now lather up properly in the shower while I fund self-esteem for my protegees.
**excuse me while I pat myself on my back that is both cleaner and softer than a baby's bottom**

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rita said...

*inhales the lovely scent that only Dove has*