Thursday, October 1, 2009

what is wrong with this picture?

I snapped this sight with my camera-phone during my lunch break today.This dog is not only wearing a full jumpsuit, but 4 mini doggie shoes.
Does anyone else find this disturbing while sort of cute at the same time?


Amber W. said...

I find it funny when people confuse dogs for children. But I guess they couldn't get away with having a collar and a leash on a child... :-)

Alice said...

I hate clothes on dogs. But I'm crackin' up at this picture.

Amber...ever been to Disneyland? you see kids on leashes all the time! heehee

Laura said...

Wow. That is disturbing. If it was like -10 degrees it would be less so, but it's about 60, right? Poor dog must have been so embarresed-and what if it has to pee?

come on people. have some respect.

Uptown Girl said...

it didn't even occur to me that the dog can't even freaking pee in that suit! he must be potty-trained.

rita said...

Nah, I betcha anything he's wearing a belly band with a maxi pad in it.


I'm a member of a Yorkie rescue group. I know this shit.

(And if you have to know, my daughter had a darling Yorkie who wouldn't go outside on wet or cold days, and she put a raincoat hoodie and booties on her.)

(Okay, okay, I bought the damn raincoat and booties for the pup.)

(And, yes, I knit sweaters for my dog and for the Yorkie group. You wouldn't believe the money that people are willing to pay to dress up their doggies.)