Friday, October 2, 2009


I may or may not have been waiting impatiently all week to be able to post this pic for your Friday viewing pleasure. And I will post more in a bit. Later gator.
ps- weigh in on beards via my little rolly polly poll over there on your right. no, your other right.


june cleaver said...

is a goatee the same as a beard? Please clear this up so I can stop obsessing over it and staring at men with goatees and wondering if they smell or not. I have always liked goatees-and it will make me very sad to think that a goatee may be a beard in the fab world of shnizzle uptown girl.


Uptown Girl said...

good question June, I'm glad you asked. A goatee is not the same as a beard. However, as I've not kissed anybody with a goatee before, perhaps I should perform an experiment to find out if it stanks...
I'm thinking it would be the same thing as a full beard (stinky like armpits if it gets sweaty, but if the guy washes his face before a date you wouldn't know??).
No worries June, I will get back to you once I've done some kissing in the name of science.