Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Boot-y Update

I tried on boots this week at my shoe store of choice in any given situation: Bandolino. And the experience confirmed my suspicion. I need to stick to that mid-calf height. Beautiful Bandolino had a pair of boots that I just loved but they happened to hit just below the knee (not mid-calf). I tried them on (because I'm oh so open-minded). And something just wasn't right. I ran through the list of problems and it came down to this: the height of the boots was super duper un-flattering. They made me look fat.

In case you think that sounds ridiculous, you are wrong and I will explain my rationale... basically the point where the boots hit shortens the look of my legs. My legs end up looking very very short and the eye is drawn up to my hips and middle section. Which is a bit curvy to put it nicely. I'd hate to offend my curvy midsection as it seems to have a vendetta against me to begin with.

So, my hunt for the perfect ideal fall boot continues. I took Anna's advice and purchased some Target boots online today. I decided that for $34.97, and considering the decent boot-user reviews, it couldn't hurt to make the plunge and get a pair of cognac mid-calf boots that are cheap and not real leather and actually biodegradable. I feel my carbon footprint disintegrating as I type this. At the very least I will get to try them on and either return them or freecycle them. Or if they fit well, I will have a pair of boots to hold me over until I buy some nicer ones that can withstand NYC weather (cold November rain).

On a side note, how sad is it that I have to shop Target online because there are no stores in Manhattan? I just shed a tear on behalf of New Yorkers everywhere. We are a Targetless island. But, alas, it is the weekend so I'll have to save the complaining for its rightful time and place: my Monday morning commute.


Alice said...

I LOVE Bandolino. And no target? I would die. Just sayin'.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

Yay! we will have twin boots this winter as we walk with extra pep in our step because:
a) they are comfy
b) they are stylin'!
c) they were only $34.95!
I have to shop target online and I realize I save money because I don't spasticly grab everything in sight!

Alexis Blake said...

I've ordered from Victorias secret a lot, and I can always help in guiding your purchases from there. Their quality does always end up being pretty good.

I like the ones you chose though, can't wait to see them on... let me know when you get them :-)

rita said...

They're beautiful. You'll look svelte in them. I don't wear boots because 1) none I've tried on have been comfortable and 2) I can't afford the good comfortable ones. And if they're not comfortable, I won't wear them. Witness the knee-high brown leather boots that I've worn twice and will put on ebay when I get enough energy.

Sidenote--my niece is getting married in two weeks and evidentally has gone Bridezilla a few times. (I can't believe it; she's such a sweet girl.) She's almost 6' tall, thin, gorgeous, and wears a size 10 shoe. She wanted shoes for her special day to be comfortable. She bought a pair made by a runner--4" heels that are comfortable to wear, about $350. I. Want. Those. Heels.

One day I'll have them. If they're comfortable, that is.

Uptown Girl said...

Alice- thank you for the sympathy.

Anna- way to look on the bright side, and you're right, I've never left a Target without spending over $100 on items I need...

Alexis- I should have them by the end of the week. will you be in town for Halloween? It wouldn't be a holiday without St PaulieGirl!

Rita- '4" heels that are comfortable to wear'?? did you check that on sounds like an urban legand.

rita said...

I think so too, but Liz does not lie. I think I'll google them, or maybe ask her mom what kind they are. I'm thinking I need something like that.