Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so many options, so few actual ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and I still don't know what to be*. Besides glamorous and important, but that goes without saying.

It is a big holiday for me, and the costume is of course clutch. I'm hitting a road block. And I don't like this indecision one bit.

So, here I am. Four days until lift-off. Sans ideas. And that's where you (my loyal public) come in... please help me!

I have some specs, obvi.

  1. My costume should be simple to put together- aka if I need to purchase something it should be easy to obtain and fairly low-budget. I mean, I'd rather spend my money while out celebrating the holiday than on the costume itself.
  2. My costume should be clever (preferably). I like anything that is a play on words, but not so complicated that no one understands it. Last year I went as Facebook. Strangers wrote messages on my back (FB Wall) all night. And I listed my age as 21. That was a perk.
  3. My costume should be flattering to the figure but not slutty. You know, all the other girls have that covered. Slutty nurse, slutty superhero, slutty blogger, slutty prostitute. It's passe.

I'm going to scare the shit out of kids this Halloween by dressing up as a reality show parent

My youngest sister suggested that I go as Kate Gosselin from Jon&Kate+Eight. Our convo went like this:
Lil Sis: Can I have your blessing to dress up like Facebook this year?
UG: You have my Uptown Girl stamp of approval [ **UG APPROVED**]. Any ideas for me?
Lil Sis: A girl in my class is dressing up as Kate from J&K+8. You could do that.
UG: That is so mean and sad! Plus the hairdo...
Lil Sis: I know, I know, but its funny.

I declined. And let me just say that I am expecting a lot from you bloggers. There are quite a few of you loyal fans that make yourselves known and others out there that lurk [read: read the post but don't comment]. If there is a time to comment with an idea, that time is now. Any idea you have is appreciated!!!!

*disclaimer- I am a grown woman that likes to dress up on Halloween, yes. But this is NYC, it is a big thing. It is a huge night for going out. In my hometown the holiday is for kids only, but here it is for us grownups. And I do use the term grownup loosely.


DeNae said...

OK, go as a straight man trapped in a lesbian's body. That way, all you have to do is dress like a guy and hit on other women all night. I'm sure they'll TOTALLY get that it's just a costumey thing.

Of course, your name tag will have to say:

HELLO! My name is Clair. Or Leslie. Or Lynn. Or Ann Drogynous.

Clearly, I got nothin'.

But it was nice to meet you over at my place nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Go as Eloise at the Plaza. Cute little skirt, crisp white shirt, knee socks with black patent leather shoes. You will have the men folk knocking at your door!

june cleaver said...

I have to actually go INTO work on Friday because they are having a costume contest and I have one of those jobs that no one knows about and everyone wants-I do it from home cept for when something fabulous like a costume contest comes up and then I emerge from the safe confines of my couch and grab my camera only to take pics and ultimately make fun of people who work for the company (sans me... I would never make fun of me-obvi!)


My boss told me I had to dress up!

WTH? Oh contraire mon frere... they don't pay me enough! Well, actually.. they DO pay me enough...


I ain't doing it.

I can't.

I just can't do it.

Because every time I try and dress up I look like a hooker. Cinderella-hooker, Snow White-hooker, Jeanie (from I Dream of Jeanie)-TOTAL hooker!


rita said...

When my grandson was 3, he was Triangle Boy. He insisted. So my daughter bought two sheets of poster board and covered them with green felt. He had to be a green triangle, you see. He was deliriously happy.

Last year he wanted to be a box.

I'm afraid to ask what he'll be this year.

Uptown Girl said...

welcome DeNae! I still got nothin... but thx for the laugh anyway :)

June- I didn't know you had a job outside of blogging and potty training (which sounds harder than my job btw). I hope you dress up even if you do look like a hooker. You are a working girl...

Rita- your grandson's ideas are right up my alley.