Thursday, October 1, 2009

fall is here to stay

I wanted an Indian Summer. That may be Politically Incorrect to say out loud. But I don't see how it is so PC to make me freeze to death this early in the season.
Its bananas I tell you.
I know that everyone and their brother is totally head over heels in love with the fall. How October is probably your favorite month. How you can't wait to see the leaves change. But I think you are a bunch of crazies.

I like warm weather. I like to go outside without a jacket, and without a scarf. So sue me.
I've been contributing to global warming for years now and somehow the summer has only gotten shorter. I am colder for a greater percentage of the year.

And if you don't feel sorry for me, well then please feel bad for the poor innocent school children. All those kids in uniform who are forced to wear skirts in the freezing cold while Mr. P (full name omitted to protect my former teacher) opens the classroom window to let in the "fresh breeze". Lets call that "fresh breeze" what it really is. It is not a nice easy harmless way to kill all the students' germs Mr. P. No, it is a Nor'easter and those are goosebumps on my legs thank you very much.

But I digress. I started writing this post today to let you know that I miss the summer already. I haven't seen the sun in days, no weeks, no days. This is unconscionable. I do not approve of these brisk days we've been enduring all week long. I do not approve.
Do you hear me Sam Champion?
I want to sit outside on my sundeck after work to read and tan without shivering. I want another beach day. I want to go sneak mimosas into Central Park on Sunday for a picnic with friends. I want to watch guys in the park play sports with "shirts vs skins" teams. I want to plan a Halloween costume that does not require a parka.

Whatevski, that is my little Indian Summer fantasy and I just want to put it out there and get it out of my system. And now I will admit the one thing I can appreciate about this Autumn season... my birthday is coming at the very tail end.
The day when all the world celebrates me. Yes, I personally redeem Autumn. Singlehandedly (ok, yes, with the help of my mom an a doctor 28+ years ago- thanks guys!). You're welcome.
What do you miss about the summer?


Alice said...

We don't really have "seasons" in San Diego. It's either sunny or it's not. I like the fall cause it's apple pies, halloween, and football. Sorry you're cold. You can visit me anytime. :D

katy said...

I miss leaving the house in the light!

rita said...

Iknew it, we're twins born years and miles apart. I cannot stand cold weather and ice on the windshield and driving home over the mountain on roads that haven't been treated and sliding into a guardrail.

Come visit us in the Keys any time you want!