Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I still love technology

Yes i love technology
But not as much as you, you see
But i still love technology
Always and Forever
[lyrics by Kip Dynamite]

Computers officially hate me. Just thought you should know this. For awhile it was just a theory, but it has now become fact.

My personal laptop died the day after I moved in February. And my desktop computer at work is in the application process for a hospice program. I have fallen way behind in my blog reading because when I click on certain blogs all of my internet windows will shut down. Simultaneously.
Generally if a blog has music or a video that plays automatically, I cannot access the blog without certain and imminent death to my screen. The screens freeze then close out.

Also, I can only gchat at a bare minimum before my computer is overwhelmed. Unacceptable.

I have the oldest version of every possible program and no hope of any IT guy fixing my computer or updating my programs. Why you ask? Thank you for asking. The programs I need to do my actual work are not affected. And the IT guys I've met aren't cute or hunky anyways. I know that was your next question. Our minds think alike.

Do any of you loyal followers have useful suggestions or funny insights?
As of now I see my options as follows:
  1. make sure to back up all my files and then wait for a slow and painful computer death.
  2. make sure to back up all my files and then pour coffee into my computer by mistake.
  3. make sure to back up all my files and then take the computer tower out back and beat it with an aluminum baseball bat. Oh and I'll take care of this crappy-arse-excuse-for-a-printer-that-actually-sounds-like-a-cat-lives-inside-and-prints-pages-at-its-leisure while I'm at it.


Amber W. said...

I'd go with the "spilling of coffee accident." I can tell you from similar experience that it would definitely do the trick. Hello new (or at least upgraded) computer!

katy said...

Get a MAC!

rita said...

No macs, now now, not necessary. I vote for #3. As for the laptop, you might consider leaving it in your car, with that door and that one only unlocked, park the car in a spot you know it will be noticed, then go shopping for a few hours. Or drinking.

Just make sure your deductible isn't too high.