Thursday, September 10, 2009

time for a change

It is that time again... the time that I decide to change my most prominent accessory... time for a new hairstyle.

My hair is so long it is hitting my collar bone and I'm looking a bit shaggy. Not sure whether it is more of a Shaggy of Scooby-Doo or Shaggy of Reggae music, but that is sort of besides the point bc thankfully I don't resemble either.

After some deep thought and google image searches I think I'll get a bob, just below my chin or even a little longer. And I'm debating the endless bang possibilities. Bangs straight across covering my forehead? Swooping bangs? Grow my bangs out? Feathered? Ok not feathered, I tried that one in fifth grade and its so played out and lamespice no matter what my mom tells you. Obvi.

Ok well time to say Toodles bc that is the extent of my deep thoughts for the day. Now I'm off to pick up my number and t-shirt for a race I'll be run/walking on Saturday. Yeah, I'm so out of the running habit that I have to stop and walk the stinking hills. This is why I decide to sign up for races: #1 bc I always win, and #2 bc it forces me to get back into running when if I get lazy like this summer!

Random post, I know, but please feel free to weigh in on the hair and offer your ideas, opinions, suggestions, and of course praise!


rita said...

I hate dealing with my hair, so I don't. I have it cut as short as possible and still have hair, so it's easy to wash, style (run fingers through it, then leave it alone) and grow out when I dye it some awful color.

You're younger and slender, so you have many more options. Enjoy them! Embrace them!

Alice said...

I just cut bangs straight across a few weeks back. Bad move in the summer time if you spend time outside a lot. I was sweating like a ...sweaty person and my bangs were stuck to my forehead. NEVER a good look. Come fall/winter I'll be okay.

Just my random thought about bangs.

katy said...

I do have a thought or two... We'll discuss tonight in person! BTW, whatever you choose will be beautiful!

Uptown Girl said...

Rita- 'young and slender'?? why thank you :)

Alice- my bangs have been hard to deal with thruout the summer, I'm so ready for the humidity to end so I can look like the superstar that I am!

Katy- maybe I should do my hair like Sandra Bullock in that movie?

rita said...

Whatever you do with it, you'll be beautiful! You could shave your head and you'd look gorgeous.