Thursday, September 17, 2009

Move More, Eat More

I remember listening to Dr. Laura years ago when I had a car and drove a lot and listened to talk-radio-psychology. She said the best way to lose weight is not dieting or getting crazy, but to eat less and move more.
Well, duh.

I'm not on a weight loss kick by any means, nor do I plan to start eating less. I just don't want to. I like eating crap and I like eating a lot of it. I eat healthy food, too. Before you ask the obvious question of "what is your crap to healthy food ratio??", I'll just offer this info: I'd say the ratio is at about 1:1 (fyi- you can be so nosey sometimes).

Anywho... I am trying to move more. I have a gym in my building and I sometimes neglect it. I am making a concerted effort to spend more quality time on the treadmill, catching up on my running and listening to my ipod. This requires me to be more disciplined than I am naturally. I have to set aside time- often cutting into my morning sleep/snooze button ritual. I know what you're thinking: "oh Uptown Girl, the horror!!". And I'll agree with you this once. Waking up any earlier in the morning than necessary is a horrific thing to do on purpose.
So, yes, I'm running more now, and I'm also walking the long 1.88 miles back and forth to work this week and foregoing my usual bus ride. The bus drivers miss my presence, I'm sure, bc I honestly think I am among the creme de la creme of their daily clientele. Obvi, and for these reasons: I am a posh Uptown Girl, I don't smell bad, I don't talk to myself, I don't talk to invisible people, I know how to use the rear exit door, and I never sit in the handicapped seating.
I'm really enjoying the walking btw. This is the perfect weather for it- not hot and not cold. The nice cool breeze seems to prevent sweat and everything. Good deal.

I'm not expecting this to lead to any significant weight loss, but just hope that I'll get a little more toned and increase my endurance to match that of an average and not-so-sedentary 28 year old. This woman at the nail salon asked how old I was earlier this week (rude) and I said I was 29. What is wrong with me?? My sister quickly corrected me, but why do I age myself in my mind? Mayhaps I'm just mentally preparing for my birthday in December. That has to be it.

Also, I joined a running class that starts next month to work on my endurance, speed, and technique. Ideally the coach will be gorgeous, single, way into me, and have a tip to share that will reveal a major flaw in my current running technique. And once I repair this flaw, running will be easier, less sweaty, and I'll be fast as lightening (look for me in the 2012 Olympic Games- I'll be wearing pink) with my newfound hunk of a man. After we fall in love, I'll say to him: Oh let's get rich and buy our parents homes in the south of France. Let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance. Let's get rich and build our house on a mountain making everybody look like ants... you and I... you and I.

Ok, those last few lines are lyrics from "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson and I'm a bit obsessed with the song. I heart it. And I really will sing that to my running coach if he is as amazing as I want him to be. Time will tell and I'll let you know how it turns out (but not for another month bc my class starts in October. be patient little one!) .


Amber W. said...

Good work! I hope you start seeing results! I'm slowly getting started on my health kick. You inspire me to keep going!

June To The C Leaver... said...

Wow! I loathe running-I really really really do. I hate it so much that if someone was chasing me, I would still not run, I would just let them catch me and give them all of my money (I don't have that mucho grande cabbage anyways).

I do love yoga though-you know this, I have said this before and it has transformed my lifeless saggy body into one of a piece of priceless art let me tell you.

For Shizzle on my nizzle.

Honestly though-I love the way I look and I cannot live without yoga-so if you get tired of feeling out of breath and like you are going to keel over and die and your running coach is a WOMAN, I highly recommend yoga.


Urban Mom said...

Like June, I've enjoyed yoga too. But unlike June, I grew up running. My first road race was when I was 10yo. I did four years of XC an track in high school. Training for a marathon kept me sane during a very dark time in my life. Today, at the ripe old age of Mind Your Own BeesWax, I still love to go to the gym and knock out 30-45 minutes of hiding out on a treadmill with some trashy tv and a good sweat. You go own that running, and those walks (that's the beauty of city living! i used to walk, run or bike to/from my downtown job all the time!). Enjoy the bennies, which include shamelessly eating dessert and not giving a rat's ass about what's in it.

Have fun!

Uptown Girl said...

Amber- thats what I'm here for, to inspire you. ;) muahaha.

June- I have so much grande cabbage that I rly need to be prepared to run from thieves. Funny, the thought of my coach being a woman didn't occur to me and you just crushed my dream. Waaaah!

UMom- I wish I had enjoyed any kind of physical activity at a young age. I did track in 10th grade and despised it! That was before the ipod... I also wish my gym had tv bc that would keep me on the treadmill longer.