Monday, September 21, 2009

2nd post of the day

[out at a crowded firetrap of a sake bar on friday night. not drinking sake, but having a blast. new color, old 'do in a ponytail.]
[friday night cont'd. with Lovely Ladies. on a break from dancing.]
[sunday afternoon lounging on the sundeck with my entourage. doing a crossword and dozing. very mellow.]
[happy with both color and cut.]
[owning it. owning my hair color, owning my haircut, owning my city.]

If you don't see me on the regular you may not know the difference so I will enlighten you. My hair is way way darker than usual, and my new cut is a little different as well. It is darker than expected and I love it!
Which celeb most resembles me with my new look?


Urban Mom said...

I'm thinking Katie Holmes, but without the weird little elf that follows her around.

You look fantastic! You keep on owning it!

Out of My League said...

Awesome look!

I have to ask (I have my first haircut since Little One's arrival coming soon), how do you manage the bangs?

The length your cut is what I'm thinking about and I am SO jealous that mine's not like yours right now, but I don't know if I am coordinated enough for anything involving bangs.

PS--make no-bakes and then I'm pretty sure that your life can't get any better:
2 cups granulated sugar
1 stick butter
4 tbs cocoa
1/2 cup milk
Combine separately
3 cups QUICK COOKING oats
1 cup CREAMY peanut butter
Have waiting
1 tsp vanilla extract

Put first 4 ingredients in a saucepan on med-low heat, stirring occasionally. It will eventually come to a boil--when you can't stir bubbles away, time it for 60 seconds (very important). Remove bubbling chocolate from heat after one minute, add the waiting vanilla, then pour over the oats and pb. Stir quickly, then spoon cookies onto cookie sheet/clean counter to set.

Takes half an hour to make. Depending on how big you make the cookies, they should be set in about 10 mins.

Sometimes they don't set well; sometimes they set so well they're crumbly. It's all about timing the boil for 60 seconds--start timing when you can't stir them away and you should be golden.

Longest comment post ever. But for the best cookies ever :) Enjoy. <3 the haircut~

Lauren said...

I would say, Katie Holmes! You are so darling! I want to hang out. Sad.

Laura said...

Very Nice! Lookin' Good! I really like the color and cut :)

june cleaver said...

Oh My Mother of Ken Paves! You are bea-U-tiful!

Mary said...

Um excuse me ma'am... I'm so loving your new do!!! The color is absolutely fantastic, and you look so young :) Don't you love it when people tell you that?!?! Anyway, you look fantastic and I'm just thinking that its probably about time for me to come visit. Unfortunately you're not willing to go to Times Square for New Years so its going to have to be after that. Um and did I say that I miss you my friend? Hope that life is as fantastic as you are! Love from GA!

Alice said...

Katie Holmes but WAY cuter!!

My bangs aren't long enough to sweep to the side yet and we have another heat wave comin' to town...guess I'll have another weekend of sweaty bangs stuck to my forehead...oh to be as glamorous as you!!

Uptown Girl said...

Oh stop, stop....

Jk, this is too fun! feel free to keep the compliments coming, I won't stop you ;)
thanks everyone, I knew I kept you around for a reason!

rita said...

Just gorgeous! You remind me of one of my nieces; she's just a couple of years younger than you are. Last year she cut her hair and dyed it black; wow, she looked great. You do too!

Liza said...

unfortunately these photos don't do justice the full "Catherine Zeta Jones" Look You are TOTALLY sporting around uptown... Just when I thought the Paparazzi couldn't get MORE out of control - sometimes it's hard living with such a star

katy said...

This old lady contribution is a definite resemblance to Jackie Kennedy Onassis.